UC Not Dangerous


What is Hassan's goal?  Is it simply to use peaceful persuasion to save people from the Nazi Moonies?  Does Father and members like this author have the right to be "dangerous" as he says we are in his website?  Do "dangerous" people have the right to stand behind freedom of religion and speech to hurt people?  Unificationists are slave drivers and even hurt children, according to Hassan.  Can such monsters be allowed to roam around preying on unsuspecting young people in college?  Words are important. It is very important that we choose our words carefully. When you call a person or group "dangerous" then this means that force must be used to prevent them from hurting others. The Mafia is dangerous. Dangerous means criminal and criminals do not have the freedom of a law abiding citizen. If Rev. Moon and this author and all the thousands of members are dangerous then we should all be put into jail and receive counseling from Hassan and his psychiatric buddies. A dangerous dog should be shot. Jesus was called dangerous and given capitol punishment. Heretics and other non-conformists have jailed, tortured and murdered for millennia. As soon as a small group gets big enough they turn around and start beating up on the latest kid on the block.


One person wrote, "After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Executive Order 9066 ordered all persons of Japanese ancestry living on the west coast to be held in internment camps, without trial or hearing. One hundred and twenty thousand people were forced from their homes, taken to relocation centers and held there for a number of years. The ten hastily constructed internment camps were located in wastelands, swamps or deserts in isolated areas of the country." Rev. Moon is slanty-eyed and eats kimchi. He is different. Part of the reason for the intense persecution of him is racism. Hassan will deny it, but it is there in America. Moon has a new religion with new rituals and a new theology. This is frightening to most people. It is on the fringe -- kooky. The famous economist Milton Friedman said he and his libertarian friends were outcasts and derided for many years until he won the Nobel Prize. There is always the pattern of ridicule and fear and then through perseverance small groups grow and become mainstream. Japanese Americans were different. One of the most moving pictures I have ever seen is a poster on a business that said "I am an American." The Japanese in America were taken by force so fast they lost their homes and businesses. It is now considered a tragedy but in the hyped atmosphere of Pearl Harbor people were afraid. The majority saw the Japanese as a virus -- a germ that had to be eradicated. Maybe Hassan would like all "Moonies" as he calls us rounded up and put in camps with guards and isolate and quarantine us away from normal people until we come to our senses and give up our bizarre lifestyle and stop turning innocent college students into zombies who give Moon all their money and sell their soul and work grueling long hours in vain for a jet setter businessman. If we are such a menace to law and order and safety for being able to suck a person's brains out then perhaps we should be sent to an Auschwitz and gassed like some rabid dog. The truth is that Hassan's words are no different than the vicious anti-Jew propaganda the Nazis had in Europe in the 1930s.

The atmosphere of Hassan and his friends is like that of Hitler's Germany in the 1930s when Jews were forced to wear bright yellow stars sewed to their clothing so everyone couldInquisition stay away from these horrible people.  Recently I heard Paul Harvey say on his radio news program that a judge told a woman who was an habitual shoplifter that she could go to jail or wear a sign around her neck whenever she enters a store like some scarlet letter that said she was a convicted kleptomaniac.  Is that what Steve wants me to wear?  Am I to be forced to tell everyone I meet about the scandals in the Moon family and that they should be on guard against my "sophisticated" powers of "mind control techniques" -- of mind rape -- that are far superior to those used the Communists in the Korean War on prisoners of war as written about in Robert Jay Lifton's book, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.

Dear Reader, you have two choices to choose from.  Either books against Moon are right or books defending him by apologists are accurate.  Carlton Sherwood is a Pulitzer Prize winner journalist who specializes in religious corruption.  He decided to write an expose of Father but ended writing the opposite -- a great book titled Inquisition: the Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.  He found Father and his followers to be innocent of the charges that sent Father to jail for a year in Danbury, Connecticut.  Either I have "critical faculties" or I do not.