UC Not Dangerous

The bloodbath of Christians towards the Jews and Muslims in the Crusades and the terror of the Inquisition make Christianity no more violent that the stereotyped Muslim according to the most respected religious writer on world religions, Huston Smith. Hassan never mentions the brutality of Jews, Muslims and Christians when they were young religions and the killing that all three are doing today. Rev. Moon and his followers have killed no one. They have never kidnapped or enslaved anyone. Hassan has used violence and then he accuses the UC of being coercive. People can freely come and go in the UC. Some members of the UC have told those who join that there are consequences for actions.


If we deny the Messiah and any of God's messengers, there will be hell to pay. What is wrong with saying that? It is the truth. If we do not accept the truth when it is given to us, we hurt ourselves and others. By not accepting Moon and the Principle this world has suffered horribly just as many people were hurt and killed when doctors did not accept Pasteur's truth that they should wash their hands before they operated. Some members of the UC do not want to sound anti-Semitic and say that there is no connection between some leaders in Israel causing Jesus to be killed and the loss of their nation for 2000 years. The truth is that they did lose their nation because they persecuted Jesus. Rev. Moon is the cause of World War I, WW2 and the Korean War. His value and position are unbelievable. What I say sounds fantastic but what is more fantastic that Jesus is now revered by every president of the United States, the greatest power in human history? Hassan uses the words "dangerous" and "destructive" a lot, but what is dangerous is fighting God's champions. God spoke through Jefferson and others who said slavery is a poison and cancer and must be ended. People didn't listen and a river of blood paid the price in the Civil War.


The truth always hurts. God is not what everyone thinks He is. Everyone has to stretch like crazy when his messengers speak. Often they are not only not perfect, but they often appear to be so ridiculous and nauseating that it is next to impossible for anyone to take them seriously. Satan rules this world and we must be very careful. It was a miracle that the Founding Fathers were taken seriously and followed. Talk about zombies living in squalor in the cold without a mate while the leader lives in a warm cabin with his wife, take a look at Valley Forge. Washington was hated by the majority. His own mother never saw his greatness. No one says anything about the horrors around Washington, Constantine, Muhammad or Joshua. Hassan says nothing about Jews and Arabs killing each other and Protestants and Catholics killing each other's children in Ireland. No Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim organization appears on his hit list of dangerous groups. Apparently to him it is half-full and safe for anyone to go to a church, synagogue and mosque in America. College students are warned to stay away from the tiny group of Unificationists even though there is no evidence of criminal behavior.

Cup Runneth Over

Meeting Moon and his followers was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have emotional scars from some of the people and things I have done that were wrong in the UC but my cup runneth over because I found the truth of the Principle. It has brought me light and taken me out of the terrible darkness of ignorance. I know who God is and have a wonderful ideal to strive for. Before I met the UC I was a liberal Democrat who drank alcohol and slept with women and never attended church. I was normal. I was Bill Clinton. Then I found religious and conservative values. When I heard conclusion and saw that human history repeats itself and now we were in the Last Days and I had a dramatic conversion. Anti-cultists would say I was brainwashed, but I simply found God like so many have in human history. Perhaps there will be a Pentecost like the early disciples had when Jesus died and like the first Christians, the UM will begin to gain converts. So far there has not been a St. Paul in the UM to get it to grow in America. The early Christians went crazy to witness at the risk of their lives to tell everyone in the Roman Empire that Jesus was the savior. It took hundreds of years until they got an emperor to be Christian. I hope it will not take hundreds of years before the President of the United States believes that Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah. Regardless of how long it takes it will hard work to convert this world to the Principle. Jesus said that we have to carry the cross of being persecuted. Rev. Moon says the same thing. All of this is abhorrent to anti-cultists who see a sick authoritarian state like Margaret Atwood's book and the movie based on her book. In the movie, Robert Duvall portrays a religious right wing fanatic, a biblical Ayatollah, who rapes a slave girl to procreate new soldiers for his Christian crusade to make the world pure and holy.

Rev. Moon has been the center of scandals in his family. One of his daughters said on 60 Minutes that her father has a child out of wedlock. I talk about this in my book, Creating Ideal Families. Even if he did, he is still the Messiah. Just because Jesus is illegitimate (or a bastard as anti-cultists say) and he never married, had children and died alone as a danger to the state, he is still the Messiah. The concept of Messiah is difficult to understand for fallen man.


I discovered the good news that mankind was destined to live in a heaven in spirit world and there would be an ideal world on earth. But all of this is not going to happen just because I believed. I had to work. Father walks his talk. He works harder than anyone else. He is like a George Washington and if he has a limo then that is all right, just as it is proper for the President of the United States to live a different life than I do. Father deals with world leaders. I don't. Christians have a childlike view of heaven where only they are there. Apparently there is no sex there. I was thrilled to learn from Father what is real -- what is true -- what is grown up. His critics are children next to him. Their arguments are arguments of children who can't think very deeply. This is not arrogance. It is simply a fact.

Father uses strong words like "absolute," "true love," and "ideal world."  He confidently says he is the savior of the world just as Jesus confidently said he was "the way and the life."  Like Jesus, he has been jailed as an enemy of the state.  Like Jesus he has been beaten.  Jesus received capitol punishment.  Father was given a death sentence but survived his torture in a concentration camp.


The image of Jesus 2000 years ago parallels Father's image today.  Jesus was considered a dangerous cult leader in his day and Father is seen by the majority of people believe what the media says of him -- that he is a fraud, charlatan, corrupt, hypocrite, heretical, cruel megalomaniac who hurts people and families.  The negative adjectives for him and his followers include such horrible things as "greedy," "evil," "egomaniacal," "dangerous," "destructive," "zombie," "brainwashed," "mind control," "psychopath," "dictator,"and "sinister."

Some incompetent journalists who can't resist yellow journalism, some former members who can't think clearly, some parents who can't respect an adult child exercising freedom of religion, and some jealous religious leaders have used the media to paint Father and his followers as witches and the atmosphere around small religions has become like that during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.  They denounce Father as a pied piper cult leader who hypnotizes the young and abuses them for his own sick need for glory like Hitler did.  They whip up hysterical charges that Father and his glassy-eyed robotic followers have the goal of world domination and may trick America and the world if they don't listen to the wisdom of anti-cultists.  They have written books on what they call the sophisticated, diabolical mind control techniques of Father and the sad, pathetic lives of his followers who they derisively call "Moonies" who have been duped through deceit and "coercive persuasion" by a satanic Stalin who has no regard for life or freedom.  God forbid Americans do not wake up to the dire threat of Moon because if this anti-Christ  gains power he will use the guns he makes at his gun factories to force people into concentration camps where they will be forced to bow to Moon and his family and work long hours like the ancient Israelites did for the Pharaohs in building pyramid like monuments to Moon.

All of this is about as accurate as the fear and phobias those around Jesus and many other religious leaders and their newly formed churches throughout history.  The famous phrase, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," is lost on the current inquisitors who cloak their persecution with psycho babble.  There is always a division in every area of life.