UC Not Dangerous




by John Godwin





I believe that Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah -- the second coming of Christ that Christians have been anticipating for two thousands years. I believe his theology, the Divine Principle, is the truth that will unite mankind into one loving family.  These teachings are exciting.  They answer the fundamental questions of life and offer a blueprint for an ideal world.  In the future everyone will speak one language, Korean, and there will be one ideology that will be based on the many volumes of speeches of Rev. Moon.  Moon hates to be called reverend.  His title is really "Father." 

Father has been accused by his opponents of being everything from a heretic to being as evil as Hitler. There are books in Christian bookstores that criticize Father for being a teacher of falsehoods about Jesus. Their books call him a cult leader. The word cult, to Christians, has the connotation of being a group led by an authoritarian leader who is a false prophet. There are some critics of Father, such as Steve Hassan and Margaret Singer, who take a psychological point of view and write books that he is a master of mind control who takes away the minds of young people like some pied piper. Hassan, Singer and others like them go beyond the Christians and want to ban Moon and his church. They do not care so much for the teachings of Moon like Christians do. One of the greatest leaders in Christianity is the famous Jerry Falwell. He sees Father as a man of God who has the right to preach. Falwell even supported Father during his trial. Many mainline religions also stood by Father. When he was released from jail over 1800 ministers gathered together to give him a banquet. They do not agree with his theology as they do not agree with many other theologies. Rev. Falwell does not agree with the theology of Senator Orrin Hatch but Falwell respects him. Hassan thinks the Divine Principle is false just as he thinks Falwell and Hatch's theologies are false (he is a Jew), but he is mainly concerned about Moon being a potential Hitler who should be run out of America and his church banned. Hassan's view of the UC is like the Nazis view of Jews who made them sew a bright yellow star on their clothes so people could recognize them and stay away from them. Hassan is like Roosevelt who had innocent Japanese-Americans interned in camps during World War 11.

Just like the Jews in Germany in the 1930s and the Japanese-Americans in the 1940s, Unificationists of today are innocent of the charges that Hassan makes. To read Hassan's book is like reading the hysterical venom of Hitler in Mein Kampf. We live in a time of cultural war between what Professor James Hunter calls in his book Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America, the orthodox and progressive. Rush Limbaugh says the division is between liberals and conservatives. Others would say it is between the Republicans and Democrats. America is divided. On every issue there is a division in America. In regard to Moon, there are many prominent people who have befriended Moon and even given him awards. But mostly America has been brainwashed by Hassan and his friends who are constantly on TV teaching millions of Americans that Moon is a Hitler and his followers are like some stupid SS troopers who will kill their parents and everyone else on command. Hassan sees himself as Paul Revere trying to wake up America to the greatest danger it has ever had -- the diabolical megalomaniac Moon who is craftily building up to take over America and create an Islamic type theocracy that will take away everyone's freedom. Moon is seen as a Stalin -- a totalitarian with no conscience. To Hassan, Singer and company Moon is 100% evil and his followers are mindless robots with glassy eyes and no personality who have had their brains sucked out. They have been programmed to kill. The core of Moon is seen as lies, deceit and abuse. There is no good -- only evil. Moon is seen as being especially evil because he is so sinister in being able to rob people of the most precious thing they have -- their mind. Hassan's website is called "freedom of mind" -- freedomofmind.com. He has a long list of small religious groups that are suspect. The mainline religions are not on the list.

Hassan, Singer and others have gone to court or want to take the UC to court and abolish it. The whole thing reminds me of the attack the Boy Scouts have been through. They are a wholesome organization overall and are taken to court to make them change their ways. They are accused by the Left as being horrible to gays and should be punished and then forced to fundamentally change. If they don't then the police will arrest them and ban the Scouts. The plight of the UC is the same. Hassan is like the gays who attack the Scouts and get the majority of Americans to see the Scouts as a sickening organization of bigots who break the law against discrimination. The Scouts to millions of Americans have been persuaded through the media brainwashing of a handful of sexual deviants to be a sick organization that must be punished.


At his website Hassan says, "I believe that Moon is evil and a danger to the freedom of all others." Hassan is the evil one and the danger to freedom. To use the word evil makes me reflect upon the use of words we use. I am a follower of Rev. Moon and he teaches over and over to love your enemy. But how do we do this? Father has never asked Steve to lunch at his home to talk things over. Yet Father went to North Korea and met his enemy Kim Il Sung. The difference between Hassan and the leader of North Korea is that Kim Il Sung wanted a genuine dialogue and honors Father for some of the things he has done.

What words we use are very important. Hassan sees Moon as a totally corrupt charlatan. Kim Il Sung did not. To follow this train of thought let's look at the division in America between the political parties of the Democrats and the Republicans. There is a split in America between the two political parties and they battle it out every day. But the difference between the fight for power between the Republicans and Democrats and that between Father and people like Hassan is very different. Hassan sees Father as being equal to the Mafia. Moon is a criminal and the FBI does not debate and respect any Godfather. The police have only one goal -- to put in prison the Mafia for life and obliterate their organization called the Family. Democrats and Republicans respect each other enough to see that both are Americans and even though each feels the other is taking the country down the wrong path and hurting people, they each do see the other as being a part of a criminal organization who should all go to jail. Neither party has as its goal to banish by law and use the police force against the other side. The debate is intense as anyone knows who listens to Rush Limbaugh go after the Liberals every day and has millions of people cheering him on. Limbaugh has contempt for Democrats who he calls a cult, but he never crosses a line and says they should be abolished because they are criminals.


In our cultural war both sides dish it out with varying degrees of harshness and passion. The word evil is often used by each side who see the other as mean spirited at worst and stupid and naive at least. One conservative that I enjoy reading is Ann Coulter. She wrote a great book against Clinton. Coulter said something in a newspaper column that touches on this discussion of how we judge. She is very comfortable in calling the Democrats evil. She wrote, "While having dinner recently with John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, one of life's enduring debates came up: Are liberals evil or just stupid? I was surprised to discover that Lott vigorously disputed those of us staking out the evil position.

"Lott couldn't even be fairly described as calling liberals stupid. They just believe 'different facts,' as he put it. Facts other than his number-crunching study analyzing 18 years of crime data from every county in the nation, for example. That study famously demonstrated that concealed-carry laws reduce certain types of crime. Lott's results contradicted the prevailing liberal ethos on guns, and liberals are hopping mad about it.

"Consequently, it was kind of a shock to see the hard-nosed economist getting all gooey-eyed and 'We Are the World' sappy when discussing the people who have declared World War III on him. He adamantly refuses to believe that anyone would knowingly support a policy that costs lives." She goes on to show that a current issue of Newsweek, a liberal magazine, trashed him. They easily call him "vicious" and other untruths with righteous indignation.

In an article she wrote that the Democrats are a "political cult": "The liberal's highly complex and intellectual argument against principled conservatism is this: Republicans are mean. Republicans always figured that since they weren't mean, that should be enough. But the facts were irrelevant. These were devil words muttered by a political cult, not reasoned arguments." Hassan does the same to the UC. He calls us mean and the facts are irrelevant.


Where do I stand on Hassan and company who write books and get on national TV and say I am a dupe of a fraud who has no heart? I feel as a religious person that I should not feel hate for Hassan or anyone who spread lies and falsehoods and generate a persecuting atmosphere. Hassan has crossed the line from debate and criticism which everyone has the right to do, to being a persecutor. He is disgusting and stupid. Americans should see that what he says is a projection of himself. People like him who seek to destroy organizations like the Unification Church and the Boy Scouts are a danger to freedom. They must be fought. I am doing that in this book. The Nazi leader, Heinrich Himmler, said, "We shall not rest until we rooted out Christianity." Hassan says the same thing about the UC.

The UC is correct in defending itself from immature former members who buy the line from Hassan that they have been victims of mind control. The truth is that they tried a legitimate religious organization and it didn't work out for them. They were adults and nobody put a gun to their head and told them to do criminal acts of violence. Steve's father deprogrammed him. That is the use of violence. It is illegal. It is immoral. Steve helped in many deprogrammings. He is the one who violates the spirit of the U.S. constitution that gives freedom of religion. He is so stupid he cannot see that the UC is a religious organization of people who are overwhelmingly good and law-abiding citizens. It makes no difference that Moon has lived in America for over 30 years and the UC been here for over 40 years and there is no pattern of criminal behavior or anti-American behavior. The UC experimented with moral communes in the 70s and worked round the clock with excitement because the Messiah had just moved here, but for many years now the members have been raising families and living a regular life.

Hassan is on a roll and unfortunately keeps the flame burning for persecution. I have no trouble calling someone like him evil. I feel comfortable in using the word for those people who use force. Hassan and Singer and others like them are relentless in their campaign to see violence done to me and my family. Hassan wants to destroy my church just like the gays want to destroy the Boy Scouts. The Scouts did not take the gays to court to punish the gays. They have a different moral code than gays, but they have a live and let live philosophy. The UC disagrees with Hassan and all their critics with dignity, but Hassan and other rabid and unbalanced haters of Moon often write as if their lives were in danger because they are fighting Moon. They constantly paint the UC as a Mafia led by a Godfather. I pray for them as Father and Jesus teaches us to pray for our enemy. I will die for the right of people to criticize me and anybody else they want to as long as they do not slander or do what common sense says is rightly illegal, but I will also stand up for myself.

Some people take the approach of ignoring those who write garbage about them. Sometimes that is good, but I appreciate those few articles against Hassan in the newspaper for UC members -- the Unification News. I have included some of them in this book. I'm not holding my breath for Steve and his stupid friends to see the light. He may never apologize for using force against members of my church. But I do have faith in the laws of the universe from God that make all things right in the end. Goodness always wins in the long run. In this short run, Steve is winning. He, like so many others are the Cains who cannot see they Cains and their enemies are Abels. God is on the side of Moon and the UC and Satan has possessed Steve. I know that saying this makes big shots in the media side even more with Steve. But I am patient. In time Moon will be seen as a good man just as Jesus is seen is a good man. In time people will see that Hassan is the false prophet. He is the prophet for profit -- not Moon. Eventually truth will prevail as it did with Galileo and Pasteur's teachings. For now, I fight the good fight for truth. I wish the truth didn't hurt and make people stretch but it does.