Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony wrote about how Stanton and the early feminists had to endure being in a despised minority, "The storm of ridicule and denunciation which broke over the heads of the women who took part in this convention never has been exceeded in the coarsest and most vituperative political campaign ever conducted. The attacks were led by the pulpit, whose influence fifty years ago was far greater than at present and whose power over women was supreme. The press of the country did not suffer itself to be outdone; but, taking its cue from the metropolitan papers of New York, contributed its full quota of caricature and misrepresentation." Today, the tables are turned. Those who preach and teach Biblical values for men and women receive "ridicule" from the majority. The vast majority of pulpits and newspapers give their "full quota" of "caricature and misrepresentation" to the Christian Right.

Miss Anthony praises her friend saying, "Elizabeth Cady Stanton began the almost superhuman task of setting them free from the bondage of centuries." Sadly Stanton and Anthony put women into more "bondage." Women's lives in general got progressively worse as Stanton and her crusader friends won more victories for women's independence of men. They won the cultural war and now rule. And those few wonderful men and women who fight feminism today have the "almost superhuman task of setting" mankind free of the chains of feminism.

Feminists always compare the situation of women to black slavery. It is an apples and oranges argument. What slave owner ever gave his life for a slave? Feminists see all men as vicious Southern plantation owners who believe their wives and womenfolk are an inferior subspecies. This is not what one million men felt who died a brutal death on battlefields all over this world so that American women could live in a free country. The thanks they get for this is for women like Stanton who selfishly thinks she is a prisoner in her big home is to put them down. Betty Friedan sees the pampered American housewife as being abused in a concentration camp. Feminists are disgusting in their self-centeredness and stupidity.

The number one goal of Feminism is to get women out of the home and compete with men. Feminists believe that it is better for a woman to put her aged parents in an old folks home and work at a nursing home and get paid than staying home and caring for her elderly parents. A home is not a sacred place to Feminists.

Marx and Engels said their goal was to abolish the home in what has to be the worst book ever written, The Communist Manifesto. They wrote: "... communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience."  In their arrogance and excitement of their vision of an ideal world they think that no one has ever been as smart as they are.  The truth is that there have been many truths in the past, especially in the Bible.  They see themselves as so brilliant and so new that everything in the past must be destroyed.  They are starting fresh and inventing the wheel.  They are the new beginning and no one who has ever lived before them has anything worth looking at.  The write, "The communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional relations; no wonder that its development involved the most radical rupture with traditional ideas."  The truth is that the word "stupidity" should be used instead of "radical."

Then these two morons come up with the idiotic idea of big government.  Adam Smith is a smart radical.  The Founding Fathers of America wrote a constitution in line with Smith's ideas.  Marx and Engels were stupid radicals and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were brilliant radicals.  Marx writes that the best way to organize society is to, "centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the state." They list some of their goals.  One of them was, "Free education for all children in public schools."  America gradually adopted the big government ideology of Marx and Engels.  The essence of communism is the destruction of the family.  They write the worst sentence that has ever been written: "Abolition of the family!"

Marx and Engels' core belief is feminism.  Feminism is the belief that the state is family. Communism and Feminism are one and the same.  It is the ideology that the individual is nothing.  All power is given to the state.  Another word for Communism and Feminism is Statism.  Listen to Communists and Feminists and you will only hear about government.  It is Santa Claus, not Big Brother.  It is the Wizard of Oz in an Emerald City.  The State is God.  The State is our Lord and savior.  Politics is feminist's religion.  Political leaders are priests.  They are Mom and Dad who take care of us children.  Children are basically selfish and fight over stupid things.  Big Mommy and Daddy at headquarters have the power to stop the bickering and teach their unruly children how to be kind and fair.

Communists fight human nature. God is for decentralized power to the family.  Families are little countries in God's eyes, and He doesn't want any of them to fall.  Families are the cornerstone of God's ideal world.  The State is the cornerstone of the Anti-God faction.  The Right fears big government.  The Left fears limited government.  God is for limited government.  The cultural war is about families and government.  The Right is for decentralized power regulating the traditional family.  The Left is for centralized power to the new alternative lifestyle arrangements.  The Right believes in decentralized education for the young and old people being taken care of by their daughter or daughter-in-law.  The Left believes in centralized education and day-care for the young and old people taken care of in nursing homes.  To the Left the young and old are to be taken care of by professionally educated expert paid women in the workplace.  To the Right the young and old are to be taken care of by educated women volunteering in the home and community.

The Left rejects the orthodox teachings of family in the Bible as anachronistic and not "modern" and up do date.  The Bible is not "hip." It is not "cool."  Times have changed and mankind has "evolved" to a higher level that needs new truths for sophisticated modern man.  The Right sees the Bible as teaching timeless truths that have stood the test of time.  The Left sees those marriages and families who lived by those values as being a history that is half empty.  The Right sees that to the degree marriages and families lived those values there was happiness and history has been half full.  The Right sees the massive dysfunctional families of today as proof that feminism has failed because it fights human nature and the laws of the universe.  The Left sees that we are just going through a creative transition to a beautiful world where men will do 50% of the cooking and laundry and women will comprise 50% of Army Rangers and Navy Seals.

Engels wrote one of the deadliest books ever written called The Origins of the Family. He writes the ungodly view that freedom and happiness for women can only come when women leave the home. Stanton, Marx and Engels are what the Bible calls the forces of darkness. It's been 150 years since 1848 and are women better off than Stanton had it in her home in New York? G. K. Chesterton was a contemporary of Stanton who wrote against the feminists. He said it well, "I do not deny, that women have been wronged and even tortured; but I doubt if they were ever tortured so much as they are tortured now by the absurd modern attempt to make them domestic empresses and competitive clerks at the same time."

We are not advocating that America and the world be some kind of severe Islamic state where women wear veils and are beaten by husbands and government officials if they try to get a paying job. Millions of women have to work. None of the authors and social commentators that we quote who fight feminism are for men dominating women in such a cruel way. The Islamic authoritarian societies have some truth and in some areas honor the differences between men and women better, but the extremists such as the Ayatollah of Iran are more wrong that right in their use of force to prevent women from leading the lifestyle they want. God is not for women wearing veils, but God is also not for the liberal's love of nudity in the movies either.

In the cultural war in America, those who argue against the Traditionalist's campaign for biblical families often compare them to evil men like the Ayatollah. The Bible is very clear that men are supposed to love and cherish their wives, not hurt them. They are supposed to sacrifice for them, not abuse them. The men on Mt. Rushmore treated their wives with respect and gave them romantic love. Feminists are wrong in seeing that today's so-called liberated woman is worse off than George Washington's wife. Traditionalists are accused of wanting to turn back the clock to a fictional nostalgic golden era. It was not perfect in 1848 when Stanton started her rebellion. It was not perfect in 1848 when Marx and Engels started their revolution. But the result of the socialism and feminism they inflicted on this world has caused far more suffering than what they fought against. What anti-feminsts are saying is that America has lost sight of what was good in the past. They threw the baby out with the bathwater. We have to restore the baby. We are not so intelligent and sophisticated as we think we are in the 20th century. Our ancestors understood some basic things about life that our culture should restore.

This book will go into the many arguments of the Feminists and the Anti-Femininsts. In the cultural war we are in, there are many issues that divide people. And almost all debates end up being debated in Washington D.C. by lobbyists and politicians who want to make their views the law of the land. Often the Republican Party sides with anti-feminists and the Democratic Party sides with the Feminists. But sadly, Republicans have progressively sided with feminists. Feminists have been far more effective in the propaganda wars than their opponents. Anti-feminists are mostly religious people who find politics distasteful. Conservative, biblical women find fighting feminists unladylike. And whenever a woman publicly debates a feminist, you can bet she will be called a hypocrite for doing so.

Phyllis Schlafly -- Champion for God

The most famous Conservative antifeminist woman in America is Phyllis Schlafly. She has tried to keep her femininity as she spends countless hours away from her home debating feminists on campuses and at Congressional hearings. But women like her are few compared to the army of feminists who dominate the universities, media and other influential areas of life. We hope we will inspire more men and women to get their hands dirty and join with women like Mrs. Schlafly and Mrs. LaHaye in this fight for the soul of America and for civilization.

Dark Age of Feminism

We are living in a feminist dark age and people need the light of truth. Each of us has a duty to do more than just take care of and enjoy our private families. We need to sacrifice and fight publicly. Pat Schroeder is indefatigable. Ted Kennedy has worked for 40 years to destroy what the Founding Fathers wanted for America. Kennedy and Schroeder's opponents are often confused and weak. We need to be clear and effective. It is discouraging to see Schroeder win victory after victory for the side of evil.


Thankfully, after so many years of feminism inflicting untold unhappiness, some people are waking up and criticizing it. There have been some very good books and spokespeople for God's side in the last few years. Because of the success of writers like George Gilder, the Mormon Church, televangelists like Jerry Falwell, and Christian men's movements like the Promise Keepers, a prominent feminist wrote a book about the growing dissatisfaction with the feminist culture. Susan Faludi wrote a book called Backlash. There is a backlash going on and ultimately feminism will be seen as empty as the nightmare that is going on in such countries as North Korea and China who cling to Marx's political ideology. Faludi is influential. Her books are bestsellers and she has a powerful job at Newseek, one of the most respected and read magazines in America. But eventually America will see that women like Faludi do not have a dream to offer. They have a nightmare. Just look at Faludi's own life. She has never married and had children and is in her 40s. The philosophy of Feminism is a barren philosophy. The Feminist dream does not bring freedom and love. Helen Andelin gives many testimonies of women who have found happiness and intense love when they switched from living Faludi's lifestyle and accepted God's teachings in the Bible. The reason the 20th century America women have had so few children is because she has been progressively brainwashed in believing the Victorian Era was wrong in having women concentrate on family.

Sexual Mores

The fundamental differences Americans and the world are having in this cultural war has to do with sex. What is masculinity and femininity? Stanton and Marx started the sexual revolution in 1848 and women like Betty Friedan and Helen Gurly Brown jump started it again with a vengeance in the 1960s. Brown's book, Sex and the Single Girl, was a bestseller that glorified premarital sex in 1962. In 1963 Friedan's The Feminine Mystique became an international bestseller. Helen Andelin wrote her bestseller, Fascinating Womanhood, for traditional family values in 1965. The forces of darkness invaded first and then Helen came with the truth.

Cultural War

Pat Buchanan is an influential television commentator who has campaigned for the Presidency. He said the following in Iowa criticizing the Des Moines school board for once considering a plan "to teach about homosexual rights." Buchanan said at a rally at the State Capitol: "This cultural war is going on in every town, city and schoolroom and classroom today in America. ... As I understand it, there was an attempt to instruct the schoolchildren of Iowa in the homosexual rights agenda -- the idea that homosexuality and that lifestyle is on a moral par with traditional marriage. That is a moral lie and it is wrong. It is wrong to teach children a moral lie. ... I want to commend the mothers, fathers, legislators and others who stood up and said you are not taking away our children and inculcating them with the views and values we believe contradict the very basis of Western civilization and Judeo-Christian values. ... If everyone will stand up at the local level and do battle, we can take these schools back."

A prominent Christian couple who write many books and speak out publicly for the Conservative side are Tim and Beverly LaHaye. Mrs. LaHaye is the founder of Concerned Women for America, the largest Christian womens organization in America with 600 hundred thousand members. The opposite of her would be Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan who started Ms. Magazine and the feminist political organization National Organization for Women (NOW). Mrs. LaHaye has a magazine and radio broadcasts to counteract the hardworking feminists. They are constantly testifying against each other at congressional hearings to enact legislation that will be in line with their way of thinking. I do not agree with the LaHayes when they want to make abortions, pornography, and drugs illegal, but I do agree with their world view concerning the innate differences between men and women.

Tim LaHaye in his book, A Nation Without a Conscience, writes and quotes from those who are on his side of the national debate. The inside cover says, "Wake up, America! We're losing our culture. It didn't happen overnight -- but a slow, steady growth of secular influences have established a culture that our forefathers wouldn't recognize." Conservatives often allude to the Founding Fathers of America. And they are right to do so. The Liberals say that America has "evolved" higher than them, but in many key areas of thought, America has declined. The book goes on to say, "The education system has become second-rate by almost every world standard. Secular humanism has replaced the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments as the foundation of ethics."


entertainment industry portrays daily, on television, the music our children are listening to, and the print media portrays a world without a God, a culture without absolute moral standards." We don't agree with all "the practical steps" they recommend, but we do completely agree with many of their insights on how and why America is falling. Like Rome, America cannot continue to exist if it keeps on its crash course.

Charles Colson wrote in his book, Against the Night: Living in the New Dark Ages: "I believe that we do face a crisis in Western culture, and that it presents the greatest threat to civilization since the barbarians invaded Rome. ... The new barbarians are all around us. ... This time the invaders have come from within."

David Noebel wrote, "The barbarians are not at the gates. They are inside the gates and have academic tenure, judicial appointments, government grants, and control of the movies, television, and other media." Every Hollywood star makes movies that everyone sees and glorifies pre-marital sex. The movie The Titantic was not even an "R" rated movie and the female leading star exposes her breast and then fornicates with the young superstar Leonardo Di Caprio. The Bible speaks very strongly about fornication. But the The Bible means very little to the average person today, whereas it meant a great deal to Americans earlier in our history. The richest Hollywood star is Oprah Winfrey who champions pre-marital sex on her powerful talk show and she practices what she preaches and has never married her lover and has decided to not have children. Goldie Hawn teaches that marriage vows are meaningless and one popular woman's magazine that is read by millions titles a cover story and article about her: "The Wisdom of Goldie." Goldie has no wisdom. By glorifying co-habitation, she has hurt countless men and women. America is in chaos because it has embraced the feminist social experiments taught by such famous people as Oprah and Hawn.