Point Man

Steve Farrar - Point ManSteve Farrar in his book Point Man: How a man can lead his family is typical of the books in Christian book stores. In the following passage we see an example how they emphasize men being gentle with women but never going after the women for being the cause of family breakdown. He writes, "Some guys think that a wife’s submission means that she lets him do anything he wants. Nothing could be further from the truth." What man thinks he can do "anything?" I don’t know anyone who is a leader anywhere and who thinks he can do "anything." Suppose a man tells a woman she should Robert Hicks -- Uneasy Manhoodnot only not be an officer in the air force, but not even be in the air force. Robert Hicks says women leading men in our military is wonderful for everyone. Would this be a case where Farrar would criticize a man for being so cruel as to limit a woman’s freedom and not let her in the air force? It sounds like it to me. These men only encourage women to walk all over men.

 Robert Hicks -- Uneasy Manhood

Farrar quotes Bible passages to say a man is to be gentle. All these books quote these passages. One of the favorite ones is I Peter 3:7 that says, "live with your wives in an Steve Farrar - Point Manunderstanding way." What if a man told his wife he did not feel she should join the air force and also never lead men in any area of life? By Hicks definition and I assume Farrar’s too that man would not be "understanding." Women run with words like "understanding" and take it to a swamp where any disagreement with them is seen as harsh and men not being "understanding." Farrar goes on to explain that understanding means that men must always be "tactful." What the hell does that mean?


These books have a split personality. They all criticize men for being sissies and not standing up to women and then they go on and on about how they can’t ever make a woman cry or get depressed because of anything they say. She must always be won over to follow his decisions because he is so magnificent. A man cannot ever say to a woman to do something just because he is the leader. He writes: "a man should not demand submission from his wife. Instead, he should be such an exemplary model of submission to the authorities in his own life, that he provides the kind of leadership at home that is easy to follow." "Easy to follow"? Satan’s way is "easy." It is extremely hard for a man to follow God and all the superiors he has. And it is hard for a woman to follow her man. If it’s easy for a woman then the man is not leading. Where in the Bible does it say anything is easy? Did Jesus say it would be easy? Is carrying crosses easy?


Farrar endlessly emphasizes "servant leadership" and that men must "serve his wife and meet her needs." Then she will "gladly submit to his leadership." Oh yeah? This is not correct. Men must serve those above them. His focus is not to come home and start serving the woman. When you go into a hotel do you start serving the employees? No. They serve you. You have paid for a room and you don’t have to vacuum the floor. Men go out and earn the money to pay for their house and they don’t have to vacuum the floor of their home. We have to get precise with our words and Christians are not. They muddy the water when they emphasize that men are to have authority, but not be authoritarian. Women haven’t got a clue today what "authority" means. To them, just about anything a man commands would be interpreted by women as "authoritarian."


These writers don’t realize that the result of their emphasis on men having a "balance" of being "firm" and "tender" is that men have become sissies. They should be emphasizing men to stand up to the massive insubordination of women. Men are not strong, virile, ambitious or aggressive anymore. They are all timid, passive, weak sissies who constantly compromise their position to get peace with women who have all become amazons. Men are so afraid of looking rigid they have become too flexible. The result of men not taking charge of their homes is that women have become the spiritual bullies who think they are spiritually higher than men. This has led to international bullies to not fear American leaders. This has caused these dictators to torture and kill millions of people with no fear that Christian American men will stop them.


First Ladies?


Truman fires MacArthur instead of letting him invade China and save both North Korea and the Chinese from communism. Truman’s wife was so out of it, she struggled to move to Washington and be with her husband. His wife, Bess, did not do what wives are supposed to do and adapt to her husband. She hated Washington and hated being the First Lady. When Truman became President, she went to live in their home in Missouri and would not be his helpmate. He deeply loved her, but his letters show how lonely he was in the White House without her. He called it a "lonesome place." Disunity caused by wives has a profound impact on men. Truman loved his wife but he is the epitome of a man who walks on egg shells. Father speaks out against men being so wimpy and always being so concerned about how she feels. In one letter Truman wrote, "You didn't seem at all happy when we talked. I'm sorry if I've done something to make you unhappy. All I've ever tried to do is make you pleased with me and the world. I'm very much afraid I've failed miserably." He is the typical husband of the 20th century who falls all over himself to apologize to women who are spoiled brats. He didn't do anything to hurt her. She is just selfish and childish. Sometimes he got fed up with her bad attitude and disrespect for him (even most wimps have their moments of frustration). In his daughter's biography of Bess, she says of her mother that Harry became enraged one time at a particular incident when he had just become President and Bess knifed Truman with "her rotten temper and insulting words." Truman became furious at her on one of his short visits to their home in Missouri when Bess was in one of her bitchy states. There was an explosion and when he got back to Washington he wrote an angry letter to her denouncing her disrespect for him. He wrote, "You can never appreciate what it means to come home as I did the other evening after doing at least one hundred things I didn't want to do and have the only person in the world whose approval and good opinion I value look at me like I'm something the cat dragged in." She had little respect for him as a husband and as a President, because she had no respect for being a First Lady.


She was a sad, pathetic woman. I believe that men are so weak in the 20th century because men are so weak they cannot shape their wife up to a decent level. If they can't raise a woman then how can they raise society? Truman, I believe, would have not fired MacArthur and supported his strong stand against North Korean and Chinese communists if he wasn't a henpecked husband. Truman had a half-way good marriage and therefore had a half-way good foreign policy. Truman's wife did not follow him, and he did not raise her to be a First Lady. He was a nice wimp at home and a nice wimp to Kim Il Sung. Lyndon Johnson was having an affair when he was the Commander-in-chief during the Vietnam War. He had no marriage and therefore had no foreign policy. His failure to create a home made him not have the power to create peace in the world. George Bush's wife was an embarrassment to America. He was a wimp who could not get her to lose weight. Barbara Bush was lazy and didn't have the discipline or even the desire to be thin. She was a horrible role model. George couldn't guide his wife or he didn't care. He was not a good leader at home as seen by how fat his wife is and so he was weak in the Gulf War and did not go after Saddam Hussein.


Presidents of the 20th century are weak men and their wives are disorderly. FDR did nothing to control his wife and he was unable to get America into the war with Hitler sooner. America was weak and gutless and despicable for not helping England while it was being bombed. Joseph Kennedy was the Ambassador to England while the bombing of London was going on. He got scared and took his family back to the safety of America. Roosevelt was weak in not seeing that Stalin was worse than Hitler. Truman followed his wimpy footsteps and did not stop Stalin from taking over Eastern Europe. I am the only person I know of to see a correlation between family strength and world strength in relation to patriarchy. Patriarchy is leadership. The 20th century has been the bloodiest of all centuries because God's champions were weak. If Washington had a feminist marriage like the Presidents of the 20th century have, he would have not won the revolutionary war. If Lincoln had not been a strong husband, America would be two nations now.


One of my favorite First Ladies is Nancy Reagan because she helped her husband become the President on whose watch the Soviet Union ended. Unfortunately, her children suffered from her lack of attention. In this she reminds me of Mrs. Moon who had such a terrible burden of supporting a man who was fighting the greatest evil mankind had ever seen.


I also admire Mrs. Reagan because she did not support the ERA. Three former First Ladies went to a big feminist convention in Houston and all stood on the platform and supported the ERA. Let’s look at each one. Pat Nixon, we read in a biography, did not want her husband to run for the Presidency in 1968, the year he was elected: she was "much opposed to his running again for the Presidency." So much for her being a helpmate.


After her came what I believe is one the worst First Ladies in history – Betty Ford. She too, as one book said, was a "reluctant First Lady." She didn’t want him to run for President and he didn’t make it. She wrote, "I hadn’t wanted Jerry to be President." Women subconsciously don’t want their men to succeed. When she became First Lady because Nixon resigned, she gave a 60 Minutes interview with Morley Safer. She said that she thought premarital sex would lower the divorce rate. She was a ridiculous First Lady who was the opposite of what a woman should be – outspoken and stupid. In her autobiography she wrote that her husband’s press secretary "gave out a statement saying the President had ‘long ceased to be perturbed by his wife’s remarks,’ and that caused another round of fire. A New Hampshire publisher wrote an editorial saying the immorality of my comments was ‘almost exceeded by their stupidity. Involving any prominent individual this would be a disgusting spectacle. Coming from the First Lady in the White House, it disgraces the nation itself.’ He attacked Jerry with the same fury. ‘President Ford showed his lack of guts by saying he had long ago given up commenting on Mrs. Ford’s interviews. What kind of business is that?’"


Mrs. Ford disagrees, but the truth is that she was "stupid" and her husband lacked "guts." This is what I have spoken of so many times in this chapter – stupid women and gutless men. Mrs. Ford also writes about how she got an apartment for her 18-year-old daughter who wanted to live together with a ski instructor in Vail, Colorado. This, she writes, was "much against Jerry’s wishes" but she didn’t give a damn what he thought. She is the typical American woman -- disorderly. Of course, now she is famous for her Betty Ford Center she built after her family woke her up to her alcoholism. She is truly a disgrace to our nation. How many spiritual and physical deaths she has caused will never be known. Her husband is a typical nice guy and not the righteous men we need to lead us.


The next First Lady after the disaster of Betty Ford was another disaster, Rosalyn Carter. Her husband is the very definition of weak. While he was in politics in Georgia, she ran their farm. She wrote this garbage in her autobiography: "I had to keep the business running while Jimmy was gone. I liked the feeling that I was contributing to our life and making it possible for him to pursue a political career." You know how I feel about feminist’s love of working outside the home. Even the liberal press didn’t like her. When she attended cabinet meetings, they criticized her for being too powerful. Years later Hillary would be in charge of socializing medicine in America. She was applauded by the press. This shows that each First Lady keeps lowering the standard until today we have Hilary who is more a man than a woman and.


Families are a business too


People have the insane notion that a family is somehow different than any other organization. Husbands are to be like a commanding officer, a coach, a CEO, a judge. A CO of a nuclear submarine is a patriarch. He is the leader and he demands obedience. Any disobedience is ruthlessly crushed. He runs a tight ship. How many COs of submarines are irrational? Hollywood made Gene Hackman be one and sweet Denzel Washington had to mutiny to save the world from this madman. In real life this does not exist. In real life men are created with the ability to lead their families. Women have given up their God-given duty to obey and follow without complaint and with a good attitude. Women freely yell at their husbands, throw dinnerware at a wall, slam doors, swear, lecture, criticize and get depressed about the directions from their husbands. Any man that tries to tell a wife how many months she can nurse her baby, what kind of clothes she should wear, how she should raise the children, or even how to load a dishwasher will get blasted as a chauvinist pig who is limiting her freedom. A CO on a submarine is a God on his ship. Everyone is very careful how they talk to him. He is always given utmost respect. His word is law. If anyone should feel he is making a mistake, they will think long and hard before saying anything. How many arguments and how much criticism do you think a CO gets? Of course, very little if any from the 200 men on board. Does criticism go up or down in the chain of command? It always goes down and no one gets depressed and mopes around because he didn't like the direction or the tone it was given in. Any criticism up is rare and often gets nowhere. Women think they can criticize up. They can criticize their children, but they are not supposed to criticize their husband. They should have as much faith in their husband as men do with their captain on a submarine cramped in tight quarters under the ocean for months at a time. There are no blowups and arguments and slammed doors in a submarine and there is not to be any in American homes. There is a 50% total breakup of families in America. What if there was 50% total breakup in a submarine? Women have got to start being as humble and respectful to their husbands as seaman are to their skipper.


Some wimpy conservative writers on men's issues make a terrible mistake when they write that men should not see their home as a place where they give commands like they do at work. These books go on and on about how men have to bend over backwards to win wives over with persuasion and kindness. They say that the home is very different than the workplace. They are possessed by Satan when they write this drivel. For one thing, many men don't even get the chance to boss anybody around because they are at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Some men do lead others but they will never make it if they act like little Gods and abuse their power by giving ridiculous directions and crushing the spirit of those under them. Countless books are written on how men should and how they can build a team spirit. Authoritarian leadership is ineffective, but so is an absence of authority. All men are supposed to experience leadership. God is a leader and men need to lead their family to become like God and know God. Women need children so they lead them and grow spiritually. But Satan corrupts this and turns it upside down. He inverts the order. Women now dominate men and children dominate women. Men need to give commands to grow spiritually. They can't all do that at work, but they are all to do it in their homes. The home is a school of love and men learn leadership there. And those men who are excellent at leading their wives and children are the only men who should be given leadership in the community and nation. The Bible explains that a man who cannot lead his family cannot lead his country.


Now that feminism rules, women will not let men lead them. Women constantly belittle men and disobey them whenever they feel like it. Men leading is a joke to women and now a joke to men as well. But the result is no joke. 800 million people go hungry every day in this world and millions of street kids are sniffing glue to escape the horror of their lives. Women have emasculated men so much that leaders can't solve the simple problem of getting food to everyone. Men have got to find the guts to shape up their women and if their woman will not listen and obey, then men have to do as any school principal does to a bully -- expel her till she changes. The fighting in our homes must stop and if women cannot shut up when the man says to, then she has got to be suspended for as long as it takes for her to overcome her fallen nature. I am not holding my breath to see this happen. Society would come down like a ton of bricks on any man that would kick his wife simply for disobeying an order. Men cannot give women time outs in this culture and get support. Most women would simply divorce him, take the kids and the local newspaper would cover the divorce proceedings and condemn the poor guy as an Ayatollah who has lost his mind. Talk shows make fun of men who try to be the final decision makers in their families. Audiences eat these guys up on these shows. But the truth is that there should be zero tolerance for disrespect of wives toward the head of the house. His position is sacred, and it is not her job to define what his job duties are. Her job is to keep their family ship shape -- not in a state of mutiny. The idea of women treating their husband with "reverence" is seen as a "sick" idea. And any woman who thinks she is subservient and her husband is the head of the house, but feels she can also talk back to him or sob in the corner over his decisions is fooling herself. Just because a woman thinks she believes in patriarchy does not mean she really does. The application of patriarchy demands strict obedience.


Women should not turn to counselors for support in their rebellion. Covey makes the mistake of saying a woman can go to a church elder if she feels her husband is not leading correctly. It is wrong for women to go to marriage counselors. They should never say a bad word about their husband to anyone. They should turn to God for strength. If they cannot follow then they should leave. In the book and movie starring Sally Field portrayed the real life story of an American woman who married an Iranian man in America. He went back and became a strict Muslim under the Ayatollah. She makes a daring escape back to America with her daughter. She should have stayed with her husband and supported him even though she had a different religion. She couldn't do this, and it was wrong for her to take the daughter away from the father. The man should have got the daughter. I know. Christianity is higher than Mohamedism. But patriarchy is sacred too.


Elizabeth Hanford is the wife of a Baptist minister and in her book Me? Obey Him? writes that she counsels women to stay home on Sunday and not come to church if her husband doesn't want to. She says that this is not easy for her to say this because she is the pastor's wife, but she explains that the Bible teaches that women are to obey their husbands in all things. If they really want to follow Christ and do God's will women must follow their husbands instead of church leaders. I was the religious leader of a small group once. One woman used to come to our service because she was religious and felt it was more important than staying with her husband who decided not to come. Later that man propositioned my wife. This woman has still not learned this lesson and keeps active in the church while her husband doesn't. She is arrogant and out of order. But what religious leader or marriage counselor would side with Elizabeth Hanford? I'll bet you don’t know any.


Women are possessed when they think they can pick and choose when they want to follow and when they don't. They are stupid if they compare how they follow their husband to how the husband follows his leaders. When an employee gets a performance interview every few months he should not get defensive and start attacking the supervisor by pointing out that he feels his supervisor is not following his superior. Women need to humble themselves to men's criticism and not get wrapped up in comparing how well her husband takes criticism or how well he follows his leaders.


A home is certainly as important as a submarine or some fast food restaurant. The leaders in the world will not take one outburst from anyone. But women think they can routinely disparage their husband to others, criticize him constantly, say critical things about him to the children and everyone else. A CO is not some kind of best friend or buddy. Women think a man is some pathetic creature that is often wrong and stupid and mean and by God the women will let him know it at the drop of a hat.


If a student smarts off to a Principal he will be expelled for a while. Sadly some parents protest this because we live in an anti-authoritarian age. Women constantly take men to court and juries constantly side with the stupid women awarding them millions of dollars. The homes of America are so out of order that it is about as easy to explain this as it was for the first pioneers who said there were invisible germs. American families are so sick because women are arrogant and have left their position. There isn't any femininity anywhere. Now we have Hillary Clinton who has influenced her daughter Chelsea to be a member of her liberal church instead of Bill's conservative church. If Hillary had joined his church and embraced the ideology of patriarchy that they teach, then Bill would not be having oral sex down the hall from her. Hillary doesn't follow Bill completely just as all women don't follow their man completely. And when men turn to alcohol, drugs, women, food, television, etc. as castrated wimps, the wives never see they have had any part of his downfall. When Bill had his affair, the press fell all over themselves commiserating with Hillary. Poor Hillary. How about poor Bill who has to live with this Amazon who's major goal in life is to nationalize health insurance and put down women who stay home and bake chocolate chip cookies for their husbands.


These are the last days and Bill and Hillary are just Adam and Eve being pulled around by Lucifer. Thank God Hak Ja Han did the opposite of what women do today. She has the right attitude toward her husband --reverence. The Bible teaches women to be "reverent" to their husbands. Have you ever seen a woman who is "reverent" to her husband? I have never seen it. Women bark at their husbands, laugh at them, ignore them, criticize them, disobey them, lecture them and routinely point to the door and demand they leave. And men like the beaten dogs that they are, put their tail between their legs and leave. Men are scared to death at the wrath of their wives. Men give them jobs as firefighters and elect them to be their senator in Washington. Women have no tact, modesty or manners. They eat like pigs and are about as noisy. They are so disgusting in the way they treat men that men have given up on leading anybody anywhere. American homes are devoid of real love. The roles are so blurred that nothing great can come of any family. It has degenerated to the point that little kids are murdering people now and 12 year olds have babies. No one can read or think anymore. People are some kind of pathetic creatures glued to TV sitcoms that make endless jokes about condoms.


Sun Myung Moon is the reason TV was invented in this century. He is the reason for the Korean War. He is the central point of the world and our culture got to his son who used hundreds of thousands of dollars on cocaine and mistresses. We live in a time of madness. We must get the world out of the terrible feminism that is choking the life out of families and nations. Religious leaders are blind to the source of the problem. They embrace feminism while they denounce it.


God and Jesus are seen by Christians today as only love, grace, mercy and compassion. They are feminized. God’s judgment and stern side is denounced. Christianity is totally feminized along with the rest of the culture. If any man dares stand up to a woman he is at the minimum accused to being insecure and have control issues. He is labeled as distant, cold, mean, controlling, austere, irrational, unloving.


Feminism is so insidious that men can’t even legally get together in clubs or schools. Men are isolated in America that has become a spiritual Soviet Union where men dare never say anything politically incorrect because the thought police will sue you for everything you have. The problem in America is not men being tyrants. It is women dominating men. Men are henpecked and don’t even know what has hit them. They are the frog boiled in water that never knew what hit them. The problem is not men "understanding" women. The problem is that women don’t understand men. These are the last days and Satan is using women to keep men down. And men encourage women to be unfeminine. It is a vicious cycle that has taken our culture to the bottom of hell. America is a nightmare because it is diametrically opposed to the lifestyle and philosophy of the founding fathers and now Sun Myung Moon. Women have become men and men have become women. It is an "abomination" as the Bible says. We live in a Sodom and Gomorrah in these terrible last days.


Men need to assert their manhood and give up their deep-seated inferiority complex. Deep down and I mean really deep down, women want men to stand up to them. They really don’t want men to be the new feminist man who is in touch with his so-called feminine side. Women don’t want men to express any insecurities and fears. They, like children, want boundaries. Self-help books like those of John Gray are popular because they are mush -- a gray mush. God is black and white. As I write this a woman in my town is suing the city because she feels she has not been promoted fast enough as a cop because she is a woman. This crap is what women do all day long to men. All women do anymore is worsen the battle of the sexes.


The divine order for husbands and wives and for men and women in general is a vertical relationship.

Vertical is un-American now


The four position foundation cannot be interpreted to mean that subject and object have equal power. Feminism is the rejection of male leadership. Marxism is the opposite to traditional values that Godism teaches. Godism is the ideology of Sun Myung Moon who speaks for God. He is the messiah -- the savior -- mankind’s leader. His wife and children have the responsibility to follow him and build a true family. Father wants every family to be a true family. God's way of life is totally opposite to Marxist/Feminist way of life. Father is the number one anti-Communist in world history. Therefore he is also the world's greatest anti-feminist. He is the ultimate patriarch. God is called Father. Leadership is given to the masculine.


Satan rules this world. He teaches through feminists that patriarchy has caused all family breakdown and social ills. This is why marriage vows no longer have the bride saying she will "obey" her husband. Feminists took this "horrible" word out in the 1960's -- Satan's sexual revolution. Everyone now laughs at shows and songs from the 1950's that portray women as following men. The TV shows that portrayed traditional families such as Ozzie and Harriet and songs such as "I'll Follow" are seen as ridiculous, old fashioned and not "modern" and "advanced." The concept of men having the power of final decisions and women humbly following is seen as "sick" and "disgusting." Women used to be quiet. Now they are loud and aggressive.


Karl Marx and Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote in 1848 how they hated patriarchy. Traditional women, they wrote, were slaves abused by evil men. Women feel that freedom means the freedom to compete with men in the home and in the workplace.