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The Third Blessing is to have dominion. It is about how we are to have unity in our communities and nations. The key to understanding this Blessing is to understand money. Only men should earn, invest and worry about money.  Father and his leaders keep pushing fundraising. And even worse than this is that they push sisters to fundraise. I have seen so many people who were hurt because they were on the MFT. There are some members who loved the MFT and love to tell of how they grew spiritually and even saw and felt miracles, but overall it was damaging to many individuals and it crippled the UC in gaining members. It was such a harsh, Marine Corps life, that it kept many from joining and drove many away who came and tried to live this narrow, extreme way of life.


Fundraising must stop. It is really deceptive selling. It was one of the greatest mistakes Father and the UC made. It will go down as one of the greatest blunders in human history. It is a classic case of get-rick-quick, of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Fundraising is spiritual death, not spiritual growth. If Father would have had brothers build successful careers instead of fundraising there would have been no deprogrammings. If the brothers had understood libertarian economics they would be Congressmen today and running this country. I have seen so many people hurt because they fundraised. Some swear by it as being wonderful, but I'll bet their children will never do it or will not do it for long. And if we are not doing things that are duplicable for generations then we shouldn't do them.

I watched a documentary once about Stalin's brutal Five Year Plans in the Soviet Union in which millions of people suffered. What was interesting was that some of those who were interviewed said it was the best time of their life. They were old now and looked backed fondly to those "exciting" days. The viewer, of course, sees it for what it really was -- a nightmare. These were hard-core communists who even today long for a return of communism to Russia. This is how future generations will judge those naive members who write and speak glowingly about the MFT.


Unificationists should never have fundraised or packed themselves 60 Minutesinto communes in the 70s. Today they live as isolated nuclear families. Satan's tactic is to always divide and conquer.  There is strength in numbers.  Unificationists should show unity by living in close-knit communities.  Instead of 50 isolated families each owning a lawn mower, they would save money and be more efficient if they lived together and used one. When the Unification Church comes together and builds loving, capitalist cohousing communities 60 Minutes will come and tell the world about this wonderful place of true love.


Two excellent authors and books on the Third Blessing are Cohousing and Milton Friedman's books -- especially Free to Choose. Tragically, some of the most influential elders in the Unification Church write glowingly about the socialist agenda of public schools and social security which is the agenda of Marx's Communist Manifesto. The official Divine Principle has a fatal flaw in saying that socialism is the economics of the ideal world. It says, "Eventually, a socialistic society embodying God's ideal will be established. Early Christians lived according to this ideal in some respects by sharing all their goods in common. Thomas More's Utopia, written in sixteenth-century England, and Robert Owen's humanistic socialism during the Industrial Revolution in England each expressed a vision of the socialist ideal. Catholic and Protestant socialist movements have also shared this vision, one example being Charles Kingsley's advocacy of Christian Socialism in England of the mid-nineteenth century. Their inclination toward socialism originated from the natural impulse of the original mind as it pursues the ideal of creation."

This is satanic writing. God was not behind Robert Owen and Charles Kingsley. The DP book should have praised writers for free enterprise such as Frederick Bastiat and Adam Smith.

This is an example of how Satan has been able to invade UC literature. Words are important. Socialism means state control of just about everything. I appreciate it that Tyler Hendricks has now written that the free market is God's way. I hope that Tyler continues to expose false teachings in our church's literature.


FriedmansC-SPAN interviewd Milton Friedman on November 20, 1994 (To read the entire interview, click here). He said, "Rose did a wonderful job in really taking care of the house, raising children and being an inspiration to me. But she had a professional career before that. She had written some things and worked in research organizations before that. But it wasn't until the kids were grown up and off to college that she was able, really, to spend the time working with me. Capitalism and Freedom was based on a series of lectures that I had given at a kind of summer school, and she took those lectures and reworked them into the book, so really she should have been a joint author on that as well." I like the part where he says she was his "inspiration" by being a homemaker. My wife is the same for me.

On John Kenneth Galbraith he says Galbraith is a socialist who has been more successful than Friedman in the battle between the ideas of limited government and big government. He says about socialists: "the story they tell is a very simple story, easy to sell. If there's something bad, it must be an evil person who's done it. If you want something done, you've got to do it. You've got to have government step in and do it. The story Hayek and I want to tell is a much more sophisticated and complicated story, that somehow or other there exists this subtle system in which, without any individual trying to control it, there is a system under which people in seeking to promote their own interests will also promote the well-being of the country -- Adam Smith's invisible hand.

"Now, that's a very sophisticated story. It's hard to understand how you can get a complex interrelated system without anybody controlling it. Moreover, the benefits from government tend to be concentrated; the costs tend to be disbursed. To each farmer, the subsidy he gets from the government means a great deal. To each of a much larger number of consumers, it costs very little. Consequently, those who feed at the trough of government tend to be politically much more powerful than those who provide it with the wherewithal."

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