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The First Blessing is to be fruitful. It is about the individual having mind/body unity -- about discipline. God wants us to have maturity and excellent character. In my book Reaching Your Full Potential I write of some things we each must do to be in obedience to God. The First Blessing is about the individual. The Second Blessing is about the family, and the Third Blessing is about society. As individuals we are to make our bodies temples of God. The official Divine Principle book is very vague about what it means to grow our spirit so that we are perfect people by the age of 21. In this transition to the ideal world there are many qualities that each of us must have to be a person of excellent moral character. The Boy Scouts have their oath and laws that millions of boys have memorized. I am an Eagle scout and remember how powerful those words were in helping me as I grew up. Today, we are living in the Last Days when the Messiah is living in America. We have the gays fighting the Scouts and influencing millions of people to say that the Scout's firm stand against homosexuality as being perverse is "offensive" and "divisive" and "bigoted."

The official Divine Principle says nothing about how to fulfill the First Blessing. Rev. Moon has never written a book that says in organized plain language how to achieve individual perfection. Some followers at the church's headquarters have taken some passages from his many speeches and put them into book form, but still there is no book that can even remotely be called a self-help book on how to do anything. Rev. Moon is not into details.

When you go into a bookstore you will not find many self-help books that will teach you clearly and thoroughly everything a person has to do to become a totally disciplined saint. A secular bestseller on human relationships is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. There is not one word about being sexually pure in his book. Norman Vincent Peale's best-seller, The Power of Positive Thinking, is a good book but again, there is no detailed blueprint on how to live your life.


Dr. Laura, as she calls herself on her popular radio talk show, admonishes people to do as she writes in her books -- be a mature and god-centered person. The title of her books give the flavor of her desire for people to live by moral absolutes. She is Jewish and emphasises the Ten Commandments.

In my book Reaching Your Full Potential I don't go into every aspect of life and explain how to grow you spirit to reach oneness with God's heart and character. It is very difficult to write all the values and virtues a person should live by in a thorough manner in one book.

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