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September 4, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


This will be the first of a series of letters I will be writing to you. For the most part, the purpose of the letters is to seek answers to questions which I think need to be asked if we are to succeed in accomplishing all of the things that you proclaim to be our purpose.


In the way of introduction, let me say that I am an American, a college graduate, who joined the movement in 1975 and spent 8 years fundraising. Other highlights of my "church life" would be that I am the guy who Hyun Jin smacked around a couple of times, and who Hyo Jin use to regularly say he would like to kill at Belvedere Sunday Service. Both of those situations were the result of my publicly asking the kind of questions which I would now like to ask you.


I am also an artist of considerable merit. I am presently represented by the best gallery in New York City (resume enclosed).


My first question would be: Why is it (seeing as how the major point which makes our movement an advancement over all religious movements which came before it) why is it that in our movement NO ONE ever becomes "officially true"?


We often speak of the failure of Christianity as being that Christians make Jesus out to be God, thus cutting off their own path to divinity. But isn't it true that we in the Unification Church do the exact same thing to you? Isn't it also true that you encourage, if not enforce, this false mindset?


Though you give a lot of lip-service to the opposite concept ("You must become sunnies who are a source of the light; rather than moonies who only reflect.") isn't it true that, in reality, the way the movement is structured, that it is blasphemy to think of oneself as being even your potential equal?


Indeed, for a member to so much as question you or your decisions seemingly becomes just cause for that member to be accused of being Satan (in my case, be physically abused and then have my business destroyed) while the entire leadership mutely stands by without so much as having a conversation with the member. When that happens (as it often has) doesn't that undermine the confidence of all potential Tribal Messiahs to believe in their own thought processes? Isn't it a fact that in the movement you created, you are placed on a pedestal so far beyond the reach of members and that we are made to believe that we are unworthy to so much as tie your shoe?


Doesn't that reality make a mockery of all that you teach?


Doesn't that reality doom to failure all that you and so many of us have invested our lives in trying to accomplish?


Isn't the Unification Church merely Christianity II?












September 5, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


I believe that you have a very special spiritual foundation and that you are indeed the chosen one, The Messiah, whose mission it is to usher in the Completed Testament Age. I have no problem with that.


But isn't that title, more or less, just a position? Please don't misunderstand me. I don't mean to belittle your accomplishments. Not at all. I am probably your biggest fan.


What I mean to say is, in light of everything (past, present and on and on for all eternity)'s not really about Sun Myung Moon. Is it? I mean, in light of everything, looking at it from the perspective of the biggest possible picture, ultimately, even you will be just another guy in The Kingdom. Isn't that true? As things progress, as more and more spiritual doors begin to open, won't each succeeding generation become more wise? I would certainly hope that, 10,000 years from now, the most stupid person on earth will be infinitely more wise than you and I are today. Isn't that your hope (as it is my own)?


So in one respect, your position is simply that you are the first of what will ultimately be billions and billions of others (the vast majority of whom will have spiritual foundations which are even better than your own).


I see you as being like a mile marker along the providential road. Your appearance is a sign which proclaims to the world "This kind of a relationship with God is now possible."



But if it was just you and no one else, your appearance wouldn't be an event having great providential significance. You'd just become yet another religious icon, and the world has seen many of those.


The verifying truth behind the sign, actually, is not you. It's us. The thousands and thousands who were born with foundations which are actually very similar to your own. The sign isn't about Sun Myung Moon. It's about a special time in God's Providence in which many, many, many people will begin to experience and respond to God directly.


Isn't that why we all joined so easily? Nobody had to do heavy indemnity conditions to clear the way for most of us. We jumped into the church. We were already searching. We didn't respond to our "spiritual parents" or even to you. Not really. We were responding to THE GOD IN US just like you were when you began your own providential mission.


So the truth is, the biggest difference between you and a lot of us is only a step or two. I happen to think that I am personally as close to being your twin as any identical twins you will ever find. I understand your experience with God. I have the same experience.



So here is my problem. My question for the day.


How come YOU got all the credit?


You know what I mean? I mean, without us, you couldn't have accomplished anything. You'd still just be some guy in Korea who no one knows or cares about.


Every member in this church played a HUGE role in every single positive event that happened in the history of The Unification Church. Yet members never get any credit. You do.


But okay. That's fair. Most of the ideas (authoritarian institution that The Unification Church is) were indeed your own. If you want to take all the credit, I think that is fair.


However, in such case, I think what would be equally fair is that you also take responsibility for all the failures. I think that, if we drew up an accurate balance sheet, the truth is that most of your initiatives have been total failures. Many embarrassingly so.



But you never get blamed for the failures (if indeed the failures are even mentioned again). We do. "We didn't unite (or pray hard enough, or work hard enough, whatever)."


Isn't that true? When the history of our movement is finally recorded by objective historians, won't they write that all of "your victories" were blown all out of proportion in terms of their actual result; and all of your failures were blamed on others or were buried?


So okay. This could merely be the story of an egotistical man. So what?


I'll tell you so what.


The success of God's Providence hinges on members (and others) ability to believe in themselves as truly being God's Sons and Daughters. It's a confidence game. If they believe, they will act. If they act, God will work.


While growing up in the kindergarten that The Unification Church usually is, YOU were the example of what a True Man looked like. For members to have confidence in themselves, they had to be able to see themselves in YOU. If they don't (or can't) all that schooling was for nothing.


How can members see themselves in this totally unrealistic guy that your hype has made you out to be? You have them all believing (or at least HAD them all believing) that you could do no wrong. Everything you initiated was GREAT (in letters ten feet tall) and all the failures were because other people didn't unite with your perfect ideas.


Your hype does not increase a member's confidence in their own abilities.


Your hype destroys member's confidence. It makes them feel totally insecure. How can they see themselves in this man who can seemingly do no wrong? They become totally paralyzed with hesitation, waiting to hear that absolute voice from God which will tell them nothing but perfect moves to make (when you and I know that no such voice exists).


So my question for today is: Why do you take all the credit? Why don't you ever publicly admit to your failures?


Is your personal pride so great that you are willing to screw up God's Providence rather than publicly admit to personal flaws?


I really don't understand.










September 6, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


What was it that made Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac so meaningful?


Wasn't it Abraham's immense love for his son, as well as Isaac's unconditional love and trust in his father? If Abraham was just some cold-hearted Khomeini-type guy who was only interested in his own concept of God's will; if Isaac had to be dragged to the altar while kicking and screaming: would the offering have then had any significance at all?


According to your own words, restoration begins with the individual, then family, clan, etc.


Is it okay to skip a level? (This will be my question for the day.)


Didn't you skip family level?


Did you win their unconditional love and support? Or did you just drag them to the altar?


When you skip a level and move on, what happens?


Don't you then create deformity reflecting that which was left unfulfilled?


Look at the failure of the American movement. Why did so many come, and then go?


Wasn't it because leadership never followed through on the initial promise of True Love? Wasn't it because leadership never bothered to win member's unconditional love and support before dragging them to the altar of sacrifice?


Most of the leaders of your movement, including your own children, have a history of ruthlessly judging members without benefit of any kind of a relationship. Indeed, in many cases, those leaders have never even met or had a single conversation with the member. Zin Moon Kim, who was in charge of America at the time, the man you appointed, told me to give up art, stop writing (thinking), and move to my hometown for one year before he would agree to meet with me FOR THE FIRST TIME. Hyun Jin destroyed my business without ever having had a two-way conversation. Hyo Jin made me infamous by speaking of how much he hated me at Belvedere without ever having looked into my eyes.


The Bible says that you will know him by his fruit.


Where did this strange pattern of sacrificing members before creating a bond of love and trust begin?


(Actually I have two theories, but the other will be the topic for another letter.)














September 7, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great privilege to announce to you the establishment of the first true family. My wife and I, together with our 13 children and 24 grandchildren are absolutely dedicated to serving God and humanity. With three generations in one family, we have achieved, on the family level, the central root, the central trunk and the central bud of the "Tree of Life" mentioned in the Bible." from "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age"


I was recently informed that you requested that members not gossip about problems within your family and that you would take care of those problems.


As happy as I am to hear that you are finally going to take care of your own family, in light of the above quoted speech I hardly see where you have the grounds to make such a request.


How can you and your family go all over the world, speaking at events organized by members, spending (I imagine) millions of dollars which was raised by members, all to proclaim the arrival of "The True Family" and then expect everyone to not take an interest in that family? Isn't that rather unrealistic?


The way I see it, you only have two ways to go with this thing and come out of it with your integrity intact: 1) You can publicly (at very least within the movement) withdraw the proclamation and declare your family to now be a private one upon which no church funds will be spent. 2) You can come forward (at very least within the movement) with a full account of the truth behind "the gossip", clear the air and let members decide for themselves whether or not your family is true, and whether or not they want to go on supporting both you and your family (or the movement of which your family is the supposed "central bud") with their money and effort.


In no way do I see unquestioning silence as a viable option among human beings.


The way I and most people define "true" is truthful.


Within the movement, it is generally understood that true people are also public people.


It was you who declared your family to be the most public of all on earth, and I think it contradicts nearly everything you stand for to now say that no one should question (think about) the validity of your own proclamation.


So today's question is: Which way do you want to go with this thing?













September 8, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


I am an active member on an internet forum (one-world-com) which is loosely comprised of Unification Church members. I am also posting these letters on that forum.


In response to my last letter ("four") someone wrote that my self-righteous tone would be counter-productive in regards to having you receive what was actually a valid point.


In response to that post, I related a couple of experiences which I have had at East Garden. (They were my only two experiences at East Garden.) On both of those occasions you said the same thing, I felt, directly to me. What you said was that, when you began your mission, everyone around you was always urging you to be more diplomatic. They told you that you were making everyone angry and afraid. But you said that you never listened to any of them. You concluded by saying that we would be surprised by how, after ten years, all of that anger and fear turns into respect.


On the one occasion, I was standing directly behind your chair when you said this. After saying it, you turned and looked me right in the eye.


I doubt that you remember that, but I want you to know that those two occasions have always served as a great inspiration to me. Indeed, it is those words (along with your advice that we follow our conscience, even if it contradicts your own direction) which serve as the inspiration behind this series.


I also would like you to know that I have had a couple hundred dreams in which you played a role. Those dreams never leave me feeling that I have chosen the wrong course. .......


As a member of the Unification Church in these modern times, I hear a lot of strange things about what went on, what goes on; and I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we just don't know what to think about it all.


On the one hand, it would be so convenient to believe that we are the good guys and that all of the strange stories are nothing more than "satanic accusation" (which is pretty much the official church line concerning anything said by anyone that isn't 100% positive).


On the other hand, in this age of Tribal Messiahship, it is up to each one of us to take individual responsibility. Some people, due to their easy-going nature, have no problem glossing over messy details and sticking to the positive. I'm not one of those people. I have to know the truth behind the accusations before I go testifying about anyone, you included.


My questioning probably began when I attended your trial here in New York City. I don't know if you will recall, but I was the church artist assigned to draw pictures of the proceedings for the historical record. I attended every day, sitting directly in front of your wife. (I was told that you liked my drawings.)


During that trial, all kinds of unusual things came to light.


You declared that this was the first time that you had heard about most of it, and I believed you.


I believed you because I had no way of knowing otherwise. That's the way it always is concerning "accusations". It's always "he said - she said" and how am I suppose to know who is lying? My experiences with you up to that point always led me to believe that you were 100% truthful in every way.


We all want to believe that you are 100% truthful in every way. We would still love you even if you were not, but it sure would be nice to have this one person who we could trust completely; unrealistic as that might be. Everyone likes fairy tales.



Someone once told me that, according to scientific method, the exception disproves the rule. This will be my question for the day. Do you believe that? Do you believe that if I can find a single instance in which I can prove that you were less than truthful, do you believe that I then have the right, indeed, as a Son of God who is every bit as committed to restoring mankind as you are, the responsibility to question everything that you say until you can prove to me the truth behind your statements?


The photo of (allegedly) you carrying Mr. Pak.


I have been told by a number of people that you have said that the photo is not of you.


And yet that photo has been used repeated, as recently as the video made by Hyo Jin, as being a photo of you. Surely you are aware of this and did not put a stop to it.


Isn't that an example of you being less than truthful? Isn't that an example of you manipulating the minds of people by fabricating a lie?


Am I wrong to conclude that you are not above lying if you think it will serve your best interests?


Wouldn't you agree that this legitimately opens the door for me to ask all kinds of questions?















September 9, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


I have a very good friend. Just recently she told me that she had a secret that she has been keeping from me. She told me that, as a child, she was sexually molested.


After all the tears, the first thing she said was "I'm sorry to have told you this. Does it effect your feelings for me?"


Now I'm sure that you and anyone with a heart can realize how silly her question was. Anything that happened a long time ago has got nothing to do with my feelings for this person (beyond sympathy). I love who I know her to be now. If anything, I can love her even more now because she has demonstrated a greater level of love and trust in me in that she shared her long kept secret.


Yet I think there is something to be learned about the nature of secrets from her very sincere question.


Mistakes and problems are no big deal once dealt with. Once understood, they get filed away. Everyone has made mistakes and so no one has much in the way of grounds to accuse another for having done the same.


However, what makes mistakes and problems HUGE is when they are kept secret. They fester and become seemingly thousands of times bigger than they actually are. "If you reveal your secret everyone will hate you" satan whispers. We then find ourselves doing and saying things we would never do and say if it were not for the "cover-up". The secret begins to taint everything.


I'm sure that, by now, everyone in the movement has heard the rumors concerning alleged illegitimate children belonging to you. That's a fact. Even if it is just a rumor, it is a fact that such a rumor exists. It needs to be publicly (at least within the movement) confronted. Otherwise, it will NEVER go away.


I have heard about two sons (and more vague rumors of others). One grew up in DC; another is in Korea today. The one in Korea is very public about it. He even has teachings on the subject. I'm told that, in his own way, he supports your teaching.


Of course, Unification Church officialdom says that all of this is wild unsubstantiated rumor by people who are satanic and trying to destroy the heavenly movement. I would probably be more inclined to believe them had it not been for the many instances in which they have said the same thing about me, and many others, whose only "offense" was to seek answers to obvious questions. Unification Church officialdom has become pretty much of a joke in the eyes of most members who think.


Personally speaking, what makes me believe that there is truth behind the rumors is the simple fact that I can't imagine why, in this age of DNA testing, anyone would personally make such a claim were it not true.


I only see three ways that you can deal with this, and you absolutely MUST deal with it or the movement centering on you will disintegrate.


1. If it is totally false, say so and publicly challenge the people involved to DNA testing.


2. If it was simply a mistake of yours, way back when you were a less mature person than the person we all know you to be today, or if it was a mistake rooted in a different understanding of restoration than that which you understand today, then please: simply admit the mistake. We will understand. We will love you even more for having trusted us. It will help us to mature also. I doubt that there is a single person in the Unification Church who does not still deeply care about Hyo Jin Nim in spite of everything.


3. If it is true that you had children with other women but there is a Principle explanation, then please give us that explanation. Don't treat us like little children who are incapable of understanding. Treat us with a small measure of the kind of respect leadership demands from us.


If the rumors are true then BY FAR what is doing the greatest amount of damage to both you and all that you are trying to accomplish is all the denial. What was done in the past will remain in the past once it is owned up to. The denial is what keeps it current and taints everything that the leadership does in your name.


Every time a leader says that this is nothing more than satanic accusation; every time that a leader says that this is unthinkable and that a member is betraying you and your ideals for so much as considering such a possibility; every instance of denial is as much a betrayal of truth as anything that was done long ago and so increases the amount of damage which can be done once the truth is finally revealed (if the truth is that these are not mere rumors).


In the end, the truth will indeed come out. If nothing else, historians will learn of it.


I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we hope the truth concerning all will be revealed, by you, before you go to the spiritual realm. I love you and your ideals too much to want to see the day in which, at least in the end, there was not proof given that Reverend Moon is an honest man.













September 10, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


I live in an Hispanic neighborhood in New York City. Whenever I see young men hanging out on street corners having conversation, they always speak real loud and slap each other's hand every other sentence or so. Once they are old enough to drive cars, they always buy real big cars and honk their horns as much as possible.


I always view this with a mixture of joy and sorrow. Joy in that it is an expression of their innate sense that they are God's Sons. "Look at me. I'm important." Sorrow because they have so little to feel good about, so little to draw attention to themselves, other than the noise they create.


Most white people in the neighborhood look at this same situation with little more than contempt. They don't see why the Hispanic people have to be so loud.


Most white people already feel good about themselves. Most of the projected images in society reinforce their already pervasive sense of self-worth.


Most Korean people seem to have inferiority complexes. The toad-in-the- well syndrome (isn't that what they call it?). They seem to have an obsession with measuring their self-worth by position obtained; places travel to; who they associate with; how much money they have to spend.


On a personal level, there is nothing wrong with that. They are all good measurements of success, and the desire to succeed is of God. Indeed, there is a lot that is very good about it as long as the status and success was bought and paid for by their own hard work. If so, even white Americans will admire such an individual a great deal.


Being a Korean, you always do things with a lot of flash. Spare no expense. The best of everything.


That would be a most wonderful trait if indeed you were a wealthy industrialist and it was the profits of your own industry that you were spending.


It would be a wonderful thing if the money you were spending was not impoverishing (if not sending to jail) so many others who are merely being used to raise that money.


It would be a wonderful thing if the heart behind your giving money to famous people truly was to give to them; and not merely to pay for the status of having that individual attend your event so that you can be photographed with them or have their name listed in your resume.


It would be a wonderful thing if it actually created substantial result.


But how many of those rich and famous people who have attended your conferences over the years would show up for the next one if the invitation stated that they had to pay their own way? THAT would be the accurate measurement of the success of your investment in all of those conferences.


Has all that money really bought you anything beyond photo-opportunities? Has it bought you any substantial friends and admirers? Or has it merely bought you an endless line of people who are more than happy to pose for a photo, say a few words, as long as the cash keeps flowing in their direction?


You do all this in America thinking that Americans will be impressed. What you don't seem to understand is that the average American already feels good enough about themselves that they don't view "loud noise" as being admirable. They all know why all those big names attend your conferences. Far from admiring you for having paid them, they think less of the big names for having accepted the invitation. That's why all the big names back off, distance themselves from you, once the glare of media shines upon them.


"I'm not doing it for Reverend Moon. I'm doing it for family." says George Bush. What does the average American remember upon hearing that? That George thinks that "family" is good? Big deal. Every politician would say that.


No. What Americans remember is George squirming, trying to distance himself from Reverend Moon.


Barbara Walters attends your event. Big plus for the relatively few in attendance.


Barbara Walters later tells the national news media that she had no idea it was connected to Reverend Moon and that she will never do it again.


All things considered, from the perspective of America, did you gain or lose by paying Barbara Walters to attend your event? Huge loss, I'd say.


Meanwhile, the average Japanese member can't afford to eat at McDonalds, but they think that is okay because their TREMENDOUS sacrifice is buying all this great result in America. They know it is, because they get to see the photos.



It is so sad.


Whose fault is it? Americans?


You say that you want the best of the best to join your movement.


Well I think that God prepared and gave you the best of the best in America but the structure of your movement never created the space for you to meet them, much less allow them to win your trust and advise you. All you meet are the ones who will only smile and agree; the ones who don't want to rock the boat they are riding on. In reality, they are using you just like all the "big names".


The best of the best are those who know better. They are the ones who could have told you that the way you are doing it is not going to work in America.


But all of those people, just because they were thinking critically and had the courage to express that criticism, got drummed out of the movement and/or were accused of being satanic for thinking differently than you.


I have done eight years of fundraising for your movement; I'm one of the best artists who has ever lived; I spent ten years putting together a very substantial art foundation on the worldwide level.


Yet Zin Moon Kim told me to stop doing art, give up the foundation and move to my hometown simply because I was critical of the fact that your son was beating up people without so much as having a conversation with them.


You speak so much about internal things; but your movement is one of the most external I have ever seen. You speak about the importance of substantial result; but spend a lot of other people's money on hollow symbols.


But that's okay. I really wouldn't mind. All the substantial people, all those who truly do know better; if they really are as good as I hope they are, they will find their own way to build the Kingdom. The providence will move on.


It's just the thought of all those Japanese going broke, and how they are being lied to about what their sacrifice is buying.


It's wrong.














September 11, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


The first thing which appealed to me about Principle was it's angle on John the Baptist and the fact that Jesus did not come to die. That cleared up issues which, for me, never made any sense.


Indeed, back when I joined what was then called "the family", the idea that our movement had the answers (whereas other religions required faith) was a common theme of many lectures which I attended.


However, something which never made any sense to me in the Unification Church was the reality, and strict enforcement, of the Cain - Abel relationship. The reality of those relationships (actually, the lack of relationship) within the movement wasn't anything like what I understood Principle to say that they were suppose to be.


The Principle says that Cain must unite with Abel. You have said that unity is a natural condition, much like a baby to it's mother's breast. According to that definition, the only incentive which would create the desire within Cain to unite with Abel would be if Cain felt love from, and for, Abel. In restoration (at least from my own experience as a Tribal Messiah) Cain doesn't HAVE TO do anything. It is Abel who must inspire Cain to WANT TO unite.


But within the Unification Church, there is no loving seduction of members by leaders. Indeed, in spite of the fact that Principle also says that nothing grows without give and take (another huge contradiction within the movement) there is hardly anything in the way of two-way conversation. Leaders give direction, and members are told that they MUST unite or they will be betraying God (or whatever).


No love.


No relationship.


No give and take.


It's a complete contradiction of everything in The Principle. The problem was movement wide, members were leaving in droves because of it, and yet no one ever did anything about it.


And if you REALLY wanted to see leaders go ballistic, try drawing their attention to this contradiction. It became the fast track to declared satanic possession. You could lose your job, housing, reputation, or even be physically abused by "Abel".


This was not an isolated instance within the movement.


This was the pattern OF the movement.


Where did this false pattern start?


Just as Principle cleared up some foggy issues pertaining to the Bible; oddly enough, the book written by Mr. Pak (commonly referred to as "The Six Marys") gave me a glimpse through the haze which had been my Unification Church experience. Maybe I am the only person who was inspired by Mr. Pak's book.


I'm a truth junkie. I don't care about an individual's feelings or reputation per se. Feelings and reputations based on anything less than the truth become little more than dust in the providential wind. It is only the truth which lasts.


I have no way of knowing whether Mr. Pak's book is true.


What I do know is that his book gave me the best explanation to date for the perverse Cain - Abel relationships within your movement, the total lack of give and take, and the extremely harsh judgment which befalls any "Cain" who has the courage to question "Abel".


The book basically says that you had a false start, realized your error, initiated a cover-up, and started again. I think that the false start and new beginning are innocuous enough. The real problem (as stated in "six" of this series) was the cover-up.


For the cover-up to hold, you had to initiate a policy concerning areas in which Cain was not to go. Questions which were not to be asked. Over time, this easily evolved into a policy of "no questions asked". Abel merely commands. Cain follows.


Leaders beneath you simply followed your pattern. They felt perfectly safe in doing so because how were you going to stop them? It was you who started the pattern.


This is the only explanation that I can think of for why a pattern, which was obviously devastating to our movement, lasted for so long and no one, including you, ever did anything to put a stop to it (other than a few feeble lines in a handful of speeches). It had to start with you.


Is my theory true?


If not, what explains the lack of relationships between leaders and members?


Why is it such a horrendous "sin" for a member to question a leader when (according to my own experience) a questioning person is an interested person, and an interested person is the most precious commodity you can find toward building The Kingdom.


Why do so many see this series of letters which I am writing to you as being some kind of offense against the providence? I sincerely do not understand this.


In the restoration process, isn't it natural, even very good, that Cain ask Abel the questions which trouble his heart?


Not in the Unification Church!


Why is that?













September 12, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


It is often said within the movement that you sacrificed your own children (Abel) in order to spend all your time with us (Cain). Many oriental leaders say the same in regard to their own families.


I think this is absurd and rather insulting.


I use to buy into this line a whole lot more before I went to Japan. What I found out there was that Japanese men (both in and out of our movement) do not spend a great amount of time with their own families by choice. It is the way that they like it. It is not unusual for a Japanese husband to live and work in an entirely different city. Those who do live at home stay at the office late and then head to the restaurants and bars with their men friends, not getting home until very late at night.


I think that Unification Church leaders simply prefer spending their time in rooms where they are treated like gods; as opposed to small-time domestic situations where everyone sees them as just being human.




Besides. Where is all this "love" that you are supposedly showering on us Cain-types anyway? Five hour speeches? You have to know that every time that everyone yelled "NOOOO!!" when you asked them if you should stop talking, that it was only because it is really quite impossible to yell "HELL YESSSS!!".


No American can sit on the floor for more than an hour or two without being consumed by thoughts about how uncomfortable they are. I'd say that extremely few in any room at any speech were listening to you after the first hour or so. Do you really love us? Then how about giving us chairs to sit in? Your own children always get to sit in chairs when they attend.


"Love" is not talking at us. Love is talking to us. Listening to what we have say also. Fidel Castro is also infamous for giving five hour speeches. Is he a loving man?


How is it that you show your love to the really big "outside" Cains? Ex-Presidents and leaders in their field? Isn't it by spending a lot of money on them? Don't you like to think of all that money as being an expression of your love?


Do you spend a lot of money on members?


Do you spend a lot of money on your own children?


"Oh. You are interested in horses? Well here is a horse farm."


"You like ballet? Let's start a ballet school."


In America, if the father owns the company, the son will probably become President someday.


But in America, the son will start in the mailroom and work his way up until he understands the business.


Not your children. Even though there are members there from the very beginning of the company, your sons walk right into the executive office. As soon as they come of age, they get instant power and position. How can you say that you love us more?


Your son destroyed my business for no reason at all other than that he was immature and had too much power. It cost me, probably, at least $30,000.


Did it effect his position?


Did I even get a phone call from you expressing concern?


No to both.


How can you say that you love us more?


Headquarters recently circulated a letter requesting a donation of over $400 per month per couple. That's a lot of money even for rich people. The letter informed them that if they don't have the money, they can put it on a credit card.


When those families go bankrupt, are you going to bail them out?


I read where Hyo Jin showed up in court with four lawyers. What do four lawyers cost? Will you come to our defense?


How can you say that you love us more?


Tell it to the Japanese.













September 13, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


In this letter, I want to express a personal pet peeve (though I don't doubt that it is shared by thousands of the very best people to have ever joined your movement).


One time you said that if a member were to do 3.5 years of MFT, that when they go to the spiritual realm, all the angels and saints will bow down to that person.


In other words, 3.5 years of MFT is a very big thing in heaven's eyes.


I did 6 years of MFT back when it was a 15 hours a day, 364 days a year job.


Not only did it not buy me ANY respect within the movement, it never even bought me an opportunity for conversation with heaven's representatives. Church leaders far down the ladder from you seemingly refuse to so much as meet with me. And I wasn't always the "radical critic". Indeed, it was this pervasive lack of respect which was one of the greatest reasons that I became one.


To add insult to injury, every time I would voice complaint concerning this lack of respect (and it's not personal in that I do indeed speak for many), a representative of officialdom would always accuse me, saying that MFT was for my own personal restoration, and that I am self-centered to expect anything in the way of recognition.


Don't you want recognition for your accomplishments? Indeed, isn't that a big part of what it is all about?


As time went on, my mere mentioning it was met with groans of "There he goes about his MFT again."


How long did it take you before you stopped talking about your days in the concentration camp?


One time you said that, compared to MFT, Jesus' crucifixion was easy. You said that the crucifixion only lasted 3 hours; whereas MFTers get crucified all day every day.


Having been there, I can say that is not far from the truth.


What did it buy me Reverend Moon?


Are you reading my series of letters?


If it turns out that you are; once I learn of it, I promise that I will never mention my time on MFT ever again. I will consider it having been a price worth paying.


Thank you in advance. Sincerely,





Tim *****************************





September 14, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


We are all different kinds of instruments.


The reason that there will be no Kingdom until every person is restored is because God needs to express himself through each personality before experiencing wholeness. Wouldn't you agree? Don't you think that each person thinks differently, in part, because God made them that way? That every person is an expression of a unique aspect of God?


God is limited in how he can speak through an individual by our character. Even God cannot make a violin sound like a drum. God speaks through our personality. Our culture. Our concepts. What he says through us in dependent on who we are. Can God speak French? Of course. Since God speaks to Reverend Moon, can Reverend Moon speak French? Of course not.


Inspiration always comes on the foundation of understanding. Even God cannot tell you what you cannot understand.


You are Korean. Your ideas find root in your development, most of which occurred in Korea.


How many of your ideas are God's (as in absolute and apply to all) and how many are simply the product of a Korean mind, and so only find value in theminds of other Koreans who can relate and understand?


Like Pledge Service. Getting up at 5AM, doing all the bowing and saying the same chant over and over again. I assume this is a practice with Korean roots.


Let's say that the Messiah was somebody else. Somebody from an African tribe. Let's say that the way that particular tribe Pledged Allegiance to God and Leader was to jump up and down to the sound of drums.


Do you see where you, and all the Korean members who followed this Messiah, might find it difficult to unite with a symbolic practice rooted in a foreign culture? If you just kept doing it anyway (because you were pressured by the central figures to do so) wouldn't you start feeling really strange?


In your life, what do you do which makes no sense to you? Anything? Can you tell me of a single thing?


Well Pledge Service makes no sense to me. I always felt really stupid doing it. I haven't done it for 14 years now.


I guess our custom in America, pertaining to such things, would be to sign it.


We understand the heart. We agree with the heart. We support the heart. It's the external symbols which make no sense.


Couldn't we find new symbolic ways to express the same thing?


The Blessing is another one. You will never sell the idea of mass marriages in the western world. To say that all must be Blessed is to resign yourself to defeat. It's not going to happen.


How many Americans attended the last Blessing? Extremely few, I assure you. How many of those were rematched couples? Short of lonely hearts with nowhere else to turn (having little or nothing to do with the spiritual meaning behind the event) I don't see it ever catching on in America.


I imagine that the reason you want to do the next Blessing in DC is for PR purposes. But if it ends up being an entirely Oriental, African and South American affair, I'm afraid that it will be a wasted effort in that regard. Americans will view such an event as being as alien as a gathering of white-robed Hare Krishnas.


It won't bring them closer to you.


It will make you look more foreign than ever.


You are speaking French to people who cannot understand.


It's not the heart. It's the symbols. We need western symbols.














September 15, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


If indeed everyone was sincerely interested in ideology or theology; if indeed we could somehow get everyone in the world onto the same page (so to speak); then I can see where Divine Principle could possibly lay the framework for a lot of fruitful discussion.


But in my experience as a Tribal Messiah, what I find is that not only is no one interested in Divine Principle; but rather, the greater "problem" (if Divine Principle is the only solution) is that hardly anyone is interested in ideology or theology in general.


Is it "evil" to have no interest in matters of religion?


Or is it simply another example of individuals having different interests and tastes in life?


Isn't our insistence that people take an interest in Divine Principle similar to (and probably as fruitful as) our insisting that everyone become interested in math or chemistry?


The Bible says "seek" and you shall find. I believe this is true regardless of what it is that the individual is seeking.


But if they are not looking, if they are not interested; will they ever find? In such case, I don't think they would be able to receive it, even if we poured it all over them.


If this is true (and I believe it is) then this would paint a very bleak picture were we to believe that God exclusively dwells inside the Unification Church; or exclusively dwells among the religious in general.


But I don't think that is the case.


I think that God exists everywhere in everything and is very capable of making His/Her presence felt through math, nature, the boy scouts, physics, family, art.....any endeavor in which there is love and a quest for fulfillment. Wouldn't you agree?


I myself am not at all interested in Divine Principle beyond the first chapter. I like the poetry of the Introduction and the simple logic of Chapter One. Everything else, for me, is like reading a textbook that I am not interested in.


How the Fall of Man actually took place, I do not know. However, I believe that what was lost in the Fall was our confidence. We lost our confidence in being God's Sons and Daughters. The fact that we ARE God's Children was not changed by the fall. All that was lost was our understanding of this fact.


Once we lost our confidence, once we lost our connection with our spiritual origin; humankind began to place all of it's trust in the human intellect. As pertains to the intellectual pursuit of God, religious beliefs came to be.


God works through religious beliefs, just as God works through everything else, in order to try to reconnect by making His/Her presence known and felt.



But Jesus said that in order to understand, all that is necessary is that we become like children. You once said that the whole of Divine Principle could be summed up in the father/son relationship. I believe that both of these statements are more true than the sum total of all religious thought. The truth is simple and obvious. A plant has more than enough information to prove the reality of God's love to anyone with a pure heart and an open mind.


God exists. God is our parent. God loves us. God is amazing. God will talk to us and lead us through life if only we will turn to him with an open mind. Ask, and God will answer.


If only everyone would do this, then God would start talking to everyone today. The Kingdom would arrive without so much as a single religious event.


Isn't that true?


Isn't the singular purpose behind all the religion, all the prayers, all the books and ceremonies ...... isn't all of that a smoke screen, a bag of tricks, slight of hand in order to try to maneuver the hearts and minds of people into a space in which they will start thinking of themselves as being special? As being the chosen people? As being the Sons and Daughters of God?


And wasn't it true all along even before the bag of tricks came into being?


Isn't the providence simply about restoring confidence?


Isn't confidence the only thing that distinguishes you apart from all others?


Isn't it true that the biggest reason that YOU are the messiah, is simply because you want to be and know that you are?



Well so do I, and I am too.












September 16, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


One time I had a long conversation with Hyo Jin on the telephone. Since there was no threat of physical confrontation, I felt very much at ease and so expressed myself freely. I also took exception to many of his own comments and didn't hesitate to tell him so. It was a rather spirited conversation. I enjoyed it, and I think he did also.


Toward the end of the conversation, Hyo Jin said that I wasn't anything like other Americans.


I think it is true that (possibly due to my being an artist) I express myself more honestly, more freely, than do most Americans. However, I really do not think that my thoughts themselves are all that unique. I believe that the questions I have asked and the attitudes I have expressed in this series of letters are rather typical of the average American (were they to take our movement seriously). They are the kinds of questions which simply must be answered, the kinds of attitudes that you must be willing to deal with, if you truly want to be accepted and respected here.


Sometimes I wonder about how serious you actually are to restore America.


The leaders of your movement, in particular, do not seem serious about accomplishing anything substantial. It's almost like, rather than trying to create relationships and deal with real issues; it's almost like our movement has instead become some kind of a stupid club. It's a "stupid" club because it doesn't seem to appreciate honesty or integrity. It persecutes the truly righteous; disdains the ambitious and the creative. Indeed, the club is so stupid that it seemingly dislikes "thinking" of any kind. It only seems to appreciate "followers" who do what they are told and never ask any questions.


I have no idea what it is like in Korea, but such a stupid club will never succeed in America. You will NEVER succeed here unless you have the courage to have real relationships in which both sides are allowed to express themselves freely. America has a long proud tradition of freedom of speech. We don't follow anyone without being able to question them and have them prove their points.


I remember a story from a long time ago about our movement in Japan. I was told that we were always challenging the communists there to a public debate; but that the communists would never accept because they knew that they would lose.


I took pride in that story. I was proud to belong on the side that wasn't afraid of public debate.


About twelve years ago, I got it in my head that it would be a good idea to challenge an American Unification Church leader (David Hose - I chose him simply because he was so loved by members) to a public debate concerning Divine Principle and how it applies to the American dispensation. I was living in The New Yorker at the time, as were most of our members in New York City. I kept putting up signs on the wall, issuing this challenge, along with periodic updates like: STILL NO RESPONSE FROM DAVE. David never did accept my challenge.


My final sign read: IS GOD AFRAID OF SATAN?


It's a good question to ask. Don't you think so?


Why is it that the leadership of the Unification Church never opens itself up to public questioning within the movement? Conversely, why are they so quick to shut down all critics by labeling them as being negative, if not satanic? If leadership represents God and Truth, why not just address the question?


Is "God" afraid of "Satan"?


In your movement, that would certainly seem to be the case.


I suppose that you think that you are The Messiah, "Abel with a capitol A", and that I am cain.




I have no problem with that at all.


Restore me.


Let's see you do for one American what you are always saying is your greatest desire for all Americans.


Restore me. I promise that I wont simply smile and pretend like most members. I'll keep you informed of the truth of your progress. I wont lie to you.


But if you think that you can substantially restore me, or any American, without having a relationship; without answering my questions or considering MY OWN attitudes and feelings ....... then you have yet to reach square one in America.


What have you been doing here all these years?


Where is your result?


I sincerely do not understand.


(This is the final letter of this series.)














October 14, 1996


Dear Reverend Moon,


I feel the inspiration to write a couple more letters. Indeed, this series may continue indefinitely for as long as the spirit moves me.


Your stated purpose, as The Messiah, is to reconnect the fallen world to our Heavenly Parent; to restore that long broken relationship.


I would like to know whether you are aware of what David Hose is presently experiencing and, if so, what do you think about it?


David and Takeko Hose are one of the eldest, and certainly one of the most beloved, Blessed Couples in the American movement. I doubt that you could find anyone who has a bad thing to say about either of them. Whatever their mission, whatever their circumstance; they always seem to give their best. They have always struck me as being two of the most sincere and loving people I have ever met.


When you urged members to return to their hometowns, David and Takeko were among the first to embrace that direction in spite of the hardship it would necessarily involve. They could have stayed in the relative comfort and security that their position in the movement afforded them, but chose to pioneer.


While David was in Seattle trying to prepare a foundation so that his family could join him, Takeko and her son had one of the most unfortunate accidents that could ever befall a family. I'm sure that you are aware of this.


How many providential families in the history of mankind have been tested that severely?


I'm sure that an experience of that sort would be more than enough to push any family over the brink of sanity. Then, when considering their long history of effort to accomplish God's will - I think it would be hard to blame them for becoming resentful. But that was not the case. Far from it, they used that experience to dig deeper into themselves, and reach out to God like they never had before.


God responded, and thus began the most amazing series of writings I have ever had the pleasure to read.


I'm a very critical person (as I'm sure you would agree) but in all the transcripts of all the conversations between God, Takeko and David which I have read; I've yet to find a single thought which I disagree with. Those writings completely resonate with my understanding of God and Truth.


If the purpose of your coming is to reconnect mankind to God, it would appear that in David Hose you have a real success story. I think his experience should be cause for tremendous celebration within the movement. His experience validates everything we have worked so long and hard for. It screams: "Yes! This is indeed a most special time! God is alive! God is reaching out! We can now connect one-on-one as individuals!!!"


Yet there is no celebration.


The only thing I have heard "officially" about David Hose, is Zin Moon Kim's statement that "David's brain was invaded by satan". That and an official warning that members should not take an interest in people doing spiritual work unless they are officially sanctioned (which David, apparently, is not).


I have no problem with you or the movement saying that David is wrong. Just, if you would be so kind, could you tell me what place, in which writing, is in error? I personally cannot find error.


But to just say that God is not speaking through David Hose simply because his name is not "Moon", or that God has never worked that way in the history of our movement, or that this does not fit into your present understanding, is no answer at all.


Surely you don't believe that YOU are God; or that there is no truth beyond your own understanding? I once heard you say that when a person stops learning they are dead. I would most certainly agree.


Our movement makes such a big deal out of the fact that Christianity, or America, or Japan, or whoever, judges you and our movement without first hearing us out and trying to understand. That's true. That's wrong.


But then don't you, doesn't your movement do the same thing in regards to one such as David Hose? Is there any attempt to research, to understand, to check him out and see whether he could actually be a tremendous help toward accomplishing our common goal? Instead, isn't it a standard practice for the Unification Church to simply judge and cast out those who have a different approach, or who are saying something which is different than Reverend Moon? Doesn't the Unification Church respond to David Hose in the exact same stupid fashion that Christianity responds with to you?


If so, where is the internal condition for the external world to change? If we (the Unification Church) can't do it, is it reasonable to expect them (Christianity) to become open to deeper truth?


Observing this kind of situation and how leadership responds (or doesn't respond) one would almost have to conclude that leadership does not believe it possible for an individual to reconnect with God without a mediator (you). Isn't that the failure of Christianity all over again?


If mankind reconnecting with God IS NOT the goal of both you and your movement, then what is?


If reconnecting IS the goal, then show me the evidence that this has not occurred in the person of David Hose.













January 13, 1997


Dear Reverend Moon,


Someone called me today and asked me to send them a copy of my series of letters to you. This gave me cause to reread what I had written. I realized that there are still a few lingering thoughts and questions which I have yet to express.


Though I no longer expect any kind of response (and sincerely doubt that you are even aware of this series) I wanted to continue if for no reason other than my own historical significance. I think it is important that historians be aware that people did ask such questions and (if the case be that no one within the movement finds them to be worthy of response) that no one responded. That, in itself, I believe, goes a long way toward explaining to future generations why so little was accomplished in America in your lifetime.




Not too long ago I had a rather heated discussion with the husband of my "spiritual mother". This person's attitude toward the many contradictions which bother me about you and your movement is that "Perhaps there is more going on than we are capable of understanding". The old "God works in mysterious ways" argument. That and "Perhaps it will only make sense in retrospect after thousands of years. Look at Jesus. When he was alive, no one understood him either. Now look at how many believe in him."


Nothing aggravates me more than this kind of ridiculous argument which I have heard far too many times. To add fuel to my dismay "the other" will also claim that it is I who is not open minded. That it is I who is not open to give and take seeing as how they are merely expressing an opposing point of view and that it is I who wants to leave the room.


He's correct on one point anyway. I do indeed want to leave the room. I have better things to do than talk to walls, and I see such people as having the mental fluidity of quick drying cement. People who offer such kind of an argument are the antithesis of being open minded. You find them in every religion and by and large they live in fear of a God who they have no hope of ever being able to understand and so have stopped trying. They are the ones who, as mentioned in Jesus' parable, bury their fortune under a rock so as to return it unaltered to the master whom they fear.


My indignation is rooted in my belief that it is this kind of person who has sold out the "true" movement by giving up hope of ever being able to understand. In truth, their seemingly pious opinion is rooted in a fear of questioning.




Jesus lived a long time ago when communication was mostly accomplished through word of mouth and the average person was not very educated.


Today, worldwide communication is instantaneous. Not only do we have books and newspapers, but we have recordings and videotape. Television, telephones, personal computers and the internet. Along with all that technology are advanced minds capable of using it and comprehending the information which flows through it.


It is my belief that in the last 40 years we have already seen the result of 2000 "Jesus years" as pertains to you and the Unification Church. I'd even go so far as to say that a predictable pattern has developed.


Everywhere you and your movement goes, your message is initially embraced and the movement grows very quickly. The reason why is because you promise so much while pointing out the flaws and contradictions of all that has come before. The latter is easily understood as being true, and everyone is a sucker for hope of something better. They initially sacrifice everything to (mostly) raise money so the movement can begin to build the outward symbols of this better tomorrow.


But over time, it becomes obvious that the "outward symbols" are all that is being created. Nothing substantial. For the average member, there is no experience of "true love" or anything better than that which was. For the most part, there is not even friendship or anything one could call a relationship with "God's representatives". Some will then begin to question; and are accused of being negative in return. Examples are made of the "disloyal", which ultimately only serves as food for thought for the masses. Disillusionment sets in. Everyone stops caring and most begin to leave.


The leaders then declare that America (or wherever) has failed and so move on.




I just don't see millions of people embracing the Unification Church a thousand years from now.


I DO envision billions of people living their lives centering on God, having no need for mediators.


The reason the Unification Church ultimately fails everywhere is due to it's insistence on a hierarchy of leaders and followers.


"The true parent wants to raise the child up above themselves." Sun Myung Moon


Nowhere in the Unification Church do I see this teaching as being practiced. If it was, the movement would be prospering everywhere.


Instead, those who remain, forever live in the shadow of a system which has no intention of raising them up; yet they live in fear of thinking critically about it. Fear of losing their investment, budget, position, status or spiritual life.


"Nothing grows without give and take" (Divine Principle) and the raising up of children isn't going to happen either without encouraging them to express and question.


This movement, as is, will not grow as the years go by. Rather, it will disappear.














January 13, 1997


Dear Reverend Moon,


Think back to the very beginning of the movement.


Imagine if, at that time, you had access to a personal computer, and there were thousands (potentially millions) of interested (educated) people waiting to have give and take with you. Wouldn't that be almost too easy? Wouldn't that be better than even your best hope was at that time?


To a small degree, I know how it must have been back then. I know because I also had to start from scratch. My experience is that I had to work through thousands of relationships to find the one or two who were both sincere and interested. Sincere and interested people are the corner stones to The Kingdom. They are so precious and so hard to find.


Sincere and interested people ALWAYS ask questions. People who don't ask questions are not thinking; and it's hard to build anything using stupid people.


Right now, there are potentially thousands of sincere and interested people who would like to talk to you, or your children, via the internet.


Why don't you, or your children, seemingly want to talk to them? These people are SO PRECIOUS. They are educated, sincere, interested, and most of them already have huge foundations of sacrifice in the Unification Church. They have paid their dues.


It doesn't make sense to me that no one "official" wants to have dialogue with sincere and interested people.


Think back to the beginning.


Remember how precious a sincere and interested person was at that time?


When did a questioning member become an undesirable member and why?


Don't you think you need to work on that problem?















January 13, 1997


Dear Reverend Moon,


I've heard good and bad about the ChunPyong (spelling?) workshops. The good would be alleged healings (I have no facts) and a lot of self reflection. The bad would be people whose redetermination to "follow your direction without questioning" would seem to be rooted in fear of spiritual consequences were they not to do so. I have no respect for "fear" as a motivational tool in getting anyone to do anything (much less God's alleged will). I do not believe fear to be of God.


As I understand it, the CP experience is mostly about communing with Unification Church spiritworld. I can understand and accept that there is now a spiritual realm for members who have crossed over, just as there are spiritual realms full of people of other belief systems. That much makes sense.


What doesn't make sense is accepting that this spiritual information necessarily represents God's point of view.


Isn't it your teaching that spiritual growth takes place on the physical plane and that once you lose your physical body you are more or less locked into the concepts you possessed at the point of death?


For example: the black brother who you once endorsed as being the physical representative of Heung Jin Nim in the spirit. That brother traveled around the world humiliating and smacking members for, among other things, practicing oral sex. You later endorsed this same sexual practice and your wife explained that Heung Jin Nim died while still a virgin and so didn't understand about sex. If going to the spiritual realm did not illuminate Heung Jin Nim's understanding, why should we now believe that the deceased members testifying at CP are not also misinformed?


In short, why does the opinion of a physically dead member seemingly carry so much more weight than one who is physically still alive? I thought that all the cutting edge providential breakthroughs happened first on the physical plane.


"What is lost on earth is lost in heaven; gained on earth will be gained in heaven." Jesus Christ


Isn't conscience and God enough?


Do YOU rely on the opinions of dead people in order to make decisions?


Why should we?


My fear is that this kind of thing further erodes a person's confidence in their own ability to hear God's voice; and there is precious little reinforcing of that confidence within the Unification Church at present.












January 13, 1997


Dear Reverend Moon,


I confess to being an optimist to the point of being foolish. When I first started to write this series of letters, I actually expected to get some kind of response from either you or a representative. I think I expected to at least hear from one of your children, as I made an effort to insure that some of them would receive the letters. But such was not the case.


This lack of response is the subject of this letter.


As mentioned earlier, I am an artist of considerable merit. (I sent a copy of my resume along with the first letter.)


As I pushed my career along, every step of the way, I went out of my way to publicize my connection to both you and the Unification Church (as I thought this was your desire).


My problem is that I now stand on the verge of real success, and everyone knows about my UC connection. I'm going to be asked about it.


I don't know what to say.


When I think about you and the Unification Church, I think of the content of these (now eighteen) letters. These thoughts and questions represent my most honest and sincere understanding. "Honest and sincere" is as close as I can get to "true".


I was initially attracted to, and later joined your movement, to help create a world centering on God and truth. My enthusiasm to accomplish that goal has only increased as the years slipped by, as has my ability and foundation to actually accomplish the task.


I would be lying to you if I said I know of another who is more sincere and capable of pioneering this road than I. I began with a foundation very similar to your own, and I have come a long way since that time. If, indeed, your desire is to create a world centering on God and truth, I'm one of the most powerful tools you will ever find.


Yet, as I now stand on the verge of becoming the substantial, true, righteous, capable, successful and famous tool you have supposedly been looking for to help you accomplish your goal; I find myself with these eighteen letters full of questions and thoughts which need to be addressed before I go any further with you.


My goal is to create a world centering on truth.


As pertains to you and your movement, these letters are the truth as I know it to be.


Yet, I am extremely open minded and would love the opportunity to consider any new light you might be able to shed so as to further my understanding. Indeed, that is why I have written to you (and to so many others under you, over the years, who also never responded).


My goal is to build a world centering on truth.


If, in the end, the truth is that neither Reverend Moon, nor any of his representatives, thought it was important to address my questions and opinions; I won't hesitate to express that fact if asked either.


That fact will then also be claimed by God to build The Kingdom simply because it will be true. Everything true, once made known, helps people to understand and thus advances The Kingdom.


I am God's Son and I am True.


The final record will show that I always spoke the truth.














The following is a response to Tim's 18 letters to Sun Myung Moon. In general the author disagrees with the content of Tim's letters and Tim's general approach. He advocates that Tim should be more humble and in so doing Tim will get the recognition he desires.


At the end of Ron's response, I have presented a response to his response.


Bob (Web page editor)



-----------------------------*Response to Tim's first letter*--------------------------





To Tim,


There is one genuine way for being recognized that I have found in the Bible. And it has held true in my observation of the human heart and character. Over and over again I smile at the sight of one possessing this noble glow.




Luke 14:11 "For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, and he who humbles himself shall be exalted." Jesus Christ


It seems almost paradoxical that one who's consuming desire was to speak out and become known, loved and followed, would say such a thing. Even the act of calling attention to oneself would cast doubt and suspicion in the minds of others that one is truly humble. But such is the role of the Messiah, who brings the Love of God to a hostile world.


But humility is gold for fallen man seeking restoration. And the loss of it, is the Achilles heel of those who lose the way.


Even recently I read a Priest's statement;


"Even on a purely human scale, those persons with the most innate dignity are the very ones who seem to care the least about it."


In keeping with this, I think it fitting that the highest honor and title given in the Unification Church is "Blessed Couple." Something you strive for as a pair. My impression of love itself, carries with it the notion of selflessness. Or selflastness. I would hate to see our group become consumed with striving for individual honors, and individual recognition. It may have it's place to an extent, but not as the Gold Cup Trophy. It is counter productive to the larger goal of raising up Tribal Messiahs who can weep over their cities and towns.


Only *one* is proclaimed "Officially True". The Messiah. That ball and chain only has one persons name on it. Sun Myung Moon. He is the one sent by God to grapple with this world, and he has thrown himself into the task this past 60+ years. I really don't think that you or I will ever truly comprehend how he earned that title from God. And I'm willing to bet that he wouldn't wish his trials on another soul. He is the central figure of this age, and everyone in their own way will face it.


With what knowledge I have of the Bible, Divine Principle, History, the Spiritual World, and Father, besides Jesus, I don't see anyone, anywhere, at anytime, his equal. Even as he passes the torch to another generation, he will always be the first to establish the Earth as Holy Ground, and assuage the grief in God's Heart for all time. I wouldn't dream of calling myself equal to him. I'll be happy enough to be called God's Son, but there is only one Father.


Yes we made our Pledges, and we've had our part in the struggle. I call it an honor. Our place under the sun is assured.


"To restore the world, let us go forward with the Fathers heart, in the shoes of a servant, shedding sweat for earth, tears for man, and blood for Heaven."


This pledge calls for humility to the very end. And it is only what I've done in living up to this pledge that I hope to humbly offer to God in the end. Jesus said, "Store your treasures in Heaven". Our only true recognition is there also.


Sincerely, ITPN


Ron Beatteay




Note: My response is mine alone and not an official one from the UC. Not every point in his letter is addressed, but I've expressed my opinion regarding his complaints of official recognition and equality with Father. And that is all. Thank You.




---------------------------Response to Ron's Response-------------------------------


Ron feels that Tim just wants recognition and that if Tim were more "humble" he would get that recognition.


Yes, I think Tim wanted to be recognized...who doesn't? And what would be so undesirable about wanting to be recognized? Humility is a nice concept, but one sure does not learn that from observing Rev. Moon. Every turn you take, he or somebody else is trying to get Rev. Moon recognized.


Isn't that true?


It seems Unification Church members are constantly trying to glorify Rev. Moon and in so doing, indirectly glorify themselves.




Interesting concept.



Ron also feels that Tim want to be Rev. Moon's equal. To Ron this is blasphemous and absurd.


I ask...


What's so undesirable about wanting to be Rev. Moon's equal or even to be better than him? If we should not aspire to be Rev. Moon's equal, why did Rev. Moon lie to us when he said:



"I want each of you to do even better than me. Go ahead of me. Don't just duplicate me; become superior to me. My succeeding generations will become superior to me. Many people think, "Only Father can do this job, We can't do it." That's the wrong attitude! You could do even better than me, because you have so much support from God. The same God supporting me is supporting you. And you have additional support--my support, True Parents' support and the Unification Church's support. You are in an infinitely better position."


(God's Will and the World p.544)





"I pray that among you someone can come forward to say, "Father, I can inherit your mission. I feel precisely as you do; I am another Reverend Moon. Leave it to me." My prayer is to see even one person like that come from among you. The greatest blessing, the greatest gift that God could give me, would be to see such a man. That person will say, "Father, I shall not only equal your own record, I shall exceed your record so there can be glory and Sabbath for you and for God."


(God's Will and the World, p. 388-389)



If Rev. Moon did not want us to be his equal or better than him ... why did he lie? If this is the case, how can I believe anything he says? His words can't be trusted then.


All I would like to know is which words of Rev. Moon should be taken seriously and which are the one's where he is fibbing? Can you tell me?


I think based on Rev. Moon's very own words, Tim is quite justified in feeling the way he does in his letter. Tim's only fault is that he actually believed Rev. Moon's words and took him seriously.


His frustration is that the environment and thinking in the Unification Church did not and does not support people growing to be better than Rev. Moon. Instead it seems focused on mentally enslaving people and keeping them limited and subservient. It is also seem excessively concerned with creating a personality cult centered on Rev. Moon and his immediate family. Don't you think so?


If Rev. Moon really meant what he said above ... why do members feel it's heresy to even hint at being equal or better than him? This attitude in hard core members is a clear indication that Rev. Moon's words and actions do not agree. How else could members develop such an attitude unless Rev. Moon encouraged it?


Who can we trust? What can we really believe?


I ask you.




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