World Government

"Everything was in clear black and white. 'I do not believe that the secret of the bomb should be given to the Soviet Union. .... The secret of the bomb should be committed to a world government, and the United States should immediately announce its readiness to do so. Such a world government should be established by the United States, the Soviet Union. and Great Britain, the only three powers which possess great military strength.'"


"...being able to make useful impact on the situation which was deteriorating still further in the I950s."

"To the end he devoted himself to the cause of world government, the only hope, as he saw it, of avoiding a war whose devastation, he appears to have known soon after 1945, would be the result of weapons whose power would be infinitely more destructive than those of the first primitive nuclear bombs."


Two typical incidents give clues to his unaffected love of children and to his ability to make real contact with them, as with most laymen, a characteristic that formed part of his strength. Eugene Wigner (Wigner went to several of Rev. Moon's science conferences), one of the world's leading physicists and a friend of Einstein at Princeton, has recalled that when his wife took a folder of papers to Einstein's home, he asked her about the Wigner children. 'She had to admit that they had chicken pox and according to local regulations were not allowed to leave the car,' Wigner has written. "Einstein said at once, 'Oh, I did have chicken pox myself, seeing them won't hurt me.' And he went down and had a nice conversation with the two. They long remembered it (and my wife doubts very much that he knew what chicken pox was).'"


"But there was more to it than that. Einstein himself subsequently made two comments on his work in Berne. When he took up the post he wrote to his friend Habicht that it would give him 'besides eight hours of work . . . eight hours of idleness plus a whole Sunday.' And half a century later, on his seventienth birthday, he wrote that the formulation of patent statements had been a blessing. 'It gave me,' he said, 'the opportunity to think about physics. Moreover, a practical profession is a salvation for a man of my type; an academic career compels a young man to scientific production, and only strong characters can resist the temptation of superficial analysis.'"


"...into choosing a 'profitable profession' rather than becoming a scientist, he blutly replied, 'I was supposed to choose a practical profession, but this was simply unbearable to me.' Thus although the horse had now been brought the water in Zuich nothing could make it drink. But the principal of the ETH, Albin Herzog, had been impressed by Einstein's mathematical ability."



If there are 5 sites looking at the stars in 1919 -- Africa, Brazil, etc. Then this could symbolize the #5 meaning Earth and the fact they were all over the world signifies that this was a worldwide event. Also, I think the planet Mercury was a puzzle to newtonian physics and Einstein's theory explained it. Mercury is the God of messenger? Message to the world! The Divine Principle. Truth.


Science magazine in March 26, 1920 wrote about the astronomers who studied the eclipse. They give the names of the astronomers who went to the "five principal stations." They write that Mr. D. M. Wise was in charge of the site at Sobral, Brazil. I can't help but comment about how there were three "wise" men who looked at the stars to find the first messiah. Eddington led the British Astronomical Party at the site in Africa.

They write that Dr. Abbot, of the Smithsonian Institution, was the leader of the group in La Paz, Bolivia said it was a magnificent site and an amazing experience for him:

"Taking into account the great length and beauty of the coronal streamers, the splendid crimson prominence throwing its glory over all, and the fact that the eclipse was observed so near sunrise from so great an elevation as 14,000 feet, with a snow-covered range of mountains upwards of 20, 000 feet high as a background for the phenomenon, it seemed to the observers to be the grandest eclipse phenomenon which they had ever seen."

The magazine says, "The British astronomers were thus exceedingly fortunate in being able to make their observations during a solar eclipse when there was an exceptionally rich field of bright stars, the Hyades, close to the sun."

They praised the British team because they had to work while WWI was going on, "the preparations and securing of the requisite instrumental equipments were undertaken during the stress of the great war, everyone will surely agree that the Astronomer Royal of England and British observers are heartily to be congratulated upon the splendid results of their labors."

Astronomical Puzzle About Mercury Solved

They write that Einstein's theory explained one of the great questions astronomers had about the planet Mercury: "As a further proof of the Einstein theory of gravitation has been cited the very satisfactory way in which the theory accounts for the outstanding motion of the perihelion of mercury, characterized by the late Professor Simon Newcomb as one of the greatest of astronomical puzzles."

The eclipse of 1919 lasted almost seven minutes. It was a total eclipse, not anncilar. To confirm Einstein, it was necessary to photograph the stars near the sun and they would only be visible in a total eclipse.

Something about seven stars -- two came as in which 7 plates showed 7 stars and 16 plates showed 12 stars.

The eclipse was May 29, 1919. It took only 9 months for Einstein to go from being known by the wise men who felt he was right by the data they got at their observation posts until he was known by every person around the world -- the man in the street was excited about the "new messiah" -- "the new world." Nine months from May 29, 1919 is February 29, 1920. The Messiah was born on February 24, 1920. People are not born always and exactly nine months after conception. Isn't it amazing that within five days of being exactly 9 months Rev. Moon was conceived close to if not on May 29, 1919 and was born nine months later. At the time when he was conceived, some of the wisest men in the world were looking at the stars to confirm Einstein's theory that would revolutionize this world by giving it the technology of television and nuclear power that would enable mankind to hear the truth and see the Messiah on television. In February, 1920, right at the time when Father was born the entire world became excited about what these wise men had seen in the stars. This was preparation for Sun Myung Moon. The parallels between what the astronomers went through and what God was going through is fascinating. The astronomers conceived their scientific data on May 26, 1919 and then had to wait about nine months to find out what it meant. It was nine months of anticipation. Can you imagine how God and Rev. Moon's parents were feeling about the nine months they were going through? God was on pins and needles just Eddinton, Einstein and all the other scientists in anticipation of the greatest event in history. For the scientists, this was the greatest event in science. For God, it was the birth of his champion. God was behind and inspiring scientists like Einstein and Eddington to make their discoveries so that there could be a technology that the messiah would use to teach mankind the truth. All mankind could even see him on television. The Bible says that there will be lightning from east to west. Lightning means television and now the internet. There has been so much technological advancement since 1920 because the messiah is on the earth.

Only by the Divine Principle do we know why such a thing happened. Physical world came first then man. Extend physical first then spirit. Physical truth then spiritual truth. TV's first then truth on them. Satan invades TV first -- sitcoms, premarital sex, Seinfeld.

In Science magazine, March 12, 1920 had an article titled "Einstein's Law of Gravitation" by Professor J. S. Ames. He was a professor at Johns Hopkins University and wrote that he did not pay serious attention to Einstein but now feels "all the" enthusiasm of the discovery of a new land": "While Einstein's work may be known to many of you either in its original form or in one of the two papers mentioned, I fear that the attention of most of us was first directed seriously to the matter by the articles in the newspapers to which I have referred. I confess that I was one of those who had postponed any serious study of the subject, until its immense importance was borne in upon me by the results of the recent eclipse expedition. I have all the enthusiasm of the discoverer of a new land, and feel compelled to describe to you what I have learned."

Many scientists were beside themselves with excitement when the results were announced at the beginning of 1920. By February, 1920, Einstein was a household name worldwide. In the January 1920 issue of the magazine Current Opinion, there was an article titled, "The Most Sensational Event In Physics Since Newton."

They begin by saying, "The eclipse expeditions that brought back from Bazil last year photographs verifying the so-called Einstein effect have ... made an end of the universe that we took for granted since Newton's day."

Messenger of the Gods

They write about the planet Mercury: "Astronomers were attracted by the Einstein theory, since it explained an anomaly which had puzzled them for many years. The tiny planet Mercury, owing to its nearness to the sun, has the greatest speed of any planet (whence the ancients personified it as 'The messenger of the gods')."


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