Philo Farnsworth invented television in 1920. It is an amazing story about a 14 year old farm boy in Idaho who obviously had little education. Spirit world gave him the vision. I don't know if I'm going to write a lot about him. It is an interesting story. I do want to make the point that he was a teenager like Father and uneducated and from a remote place that absolutely nobody would think that one of the greatest inventions in history would come from. Find pictures of him and tell a little of his story later.

The 1920s were taken by Satan who introduced the vote in 1920 which destroyed masculinity and femininity.  He inspired D.H.Lawrence to write Women in Love.  Fitzgerald and Hemingway were the Lost Generation who inspired premarital sex in their best-sellers.  Everything was so bad that America had an economic crash in 1929 caused partly because Satan got everyone to give up on the virtue of saving and get things by loans.