If we see through God's eyes, we will see the greatness of Pocahontas to have the character to do what seems disgusting and wrong to her father and her people.  But because she had guts and brains her marriage brought peace.  It is through marriage and family that we solve all problems.  The Powhatan Indians need to give up living on reservations and start marrying white people of other races and accept Jesus.  And this world needs to accept Rev. Moon and his  followers, even though it seems impossible to stretch that far.  To do what God wants goes against the grain of our fallen nature.  We must always push ourselves to overcome our fallen nature and follow God's champions who look like and sometimes act like the scum of the earth.

Pocahontas is a true hero.  The Powhatan Indians think they see her as being a victim of the white man.  This is the mentality of those who deprogram members of the Unification Church. God wants Christians to do as Pocahontas did.  Go higher.  Change your culture and religion.  Give up beliefs that have been held as sacred for two thousand years.

Truth hurts

But the truth hurts, doesn't it?  When a doctor tells a patient to stop eating donuts because it will give him a heart attack, he has two ways to go.  Do what seems impossible and sickening - give up the donuts, or do what is fun and easy and what everyone does - eat the donuts with everyone else.  God wants America to give up donuts and get thin.  And God wants America to give up the idea that Jesus is coming on the clouds to lift just them to heaven.

Let's learn from such heroes as Pocahontas who chose to unite with the disgusting Abels who landed in her country. 

Reap what we sow

We reap what we sow.  The seeds of greed at Jamestown that were sowed have grown to be weeds that have created an America that is now secular humanist.  The epitome of this is Bill and Hillary Clinton.  They are externally attractive, but rotten to the core.  If America does not give up the traditions of Jamestown and adopt the values we will see next in the Pilgrims, then America will decline and fall, just as the Roman Empire did.  Thankfully, Rev. Moon is building a movement to see that that does not happen.  And there are many other people and organizations that see the horrible state America is in and are also working to teach America God's way of life.

Let's now turn to the Pilgrims and learn the lessons that America so desperately needs