The largest corporation in the world, General Motors, uses the image of a rock for it's trucks by using a phrase from a song called "Like a rock" to symbolize strength. The largest insurance company in the world, Prudential, uses the Rock of Gibraltor as it's logo to symbolize stability.

The Divine Principle teaches that the Bible uses a rock as the symbol of Christ. First Corinthians 10:4 says, "The rock was Christ." Matthew 16:18-19 says, "on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

Sun Myung Moon cried rivers of tears on a rock that is now sacred to his followers  in Pusan, Korea. This rock is now called "The Rock of Tears." This picture shows Rev. Moon sitting on the rock with some of his followers in the early days of his movement.

The holiest rock in all the world

Linna Rapkins has written a book for children about Rev. Moon's life called True Parent's History for Children. (Her book is online. Go to and use the search engine in the site) She writes: :"Each morning, Father woke up before the sun. In the darkness, he would climb farther up the Pom Net Kol mountain for meditation and prayer. He had received so much through revelation, but there was still much more to learn. He had to spend time praying to learn these things and make plans for the months and years ahead. As always, he spent many hours just being with Heavenly Father, comforting Him and loving Him."

"Father's favorite spot was a rocky place that stuck out from the hillside like a little cliff. Behind him was the woodsy area of the mountain as it continued higher. Before him were the valleys and hills of Pusan. He looked out from this point each day, until he knew by heart every curve and dip of the other hills against the sky. He paid no attention to the cold hard rock beneath him.

"As he poured out his heart to Heavenly Father, he repented again and again for all the pain that had been brought to Heavenly Father over the years. He repented for the churches, who had not united with him. He repented for those who had left him.

'Another person might have said, "Heavenly Father, I have already prayed many hours for the world. I have endured pain in prison. I have cried many hours for the world and for You. I cannot cry for you anymore. It's time to get a little rest."

"Father didn't think that way. Again and again, as he prayed for each part of history, he sobbed with grief as he felt the agony and loneliness of God. Just as he had done when he was younger, he cried until it seemed that there could be no tears left in his head; yet they continued to pour like a torrent down his face and onto the rock beneath him. Morning after morning, this was his life.

"Later, among his disciples, the big flat rock where Father usually prayed became known as the "Rock of Tears." It was washed by Father's tears so many times, it must be the holiest rock in all the world."

 The following is from a speech given by Rev. Moon titled"The Necessity of  Prayer" (June 22, 1980) in which he uses the symbol of a rock: "What we have here in Unification Church is founded on solid rock. In the history of the universe, where is the subject and object? Is it God and man together who have to create history? Can America say that it has been prosperous without God, and just continue on its way? If we learn from what happened in history, we won't make the same mistake. No great empire or nation knew beforehand that it would collapse. Individuals can do a certain amount, but after that they are helpless.

"People today have stopped pursuing the ideal, saying that things like religion aren't necessary, and they indulge in sensual excitement as a way of life. No person has met more persecution than I have; whenever I spoke up the commotion began, in the churches, the government, every place. No one else has ever met so much persecution and survived. How did I do it? I am the only one who lived according to natural law, moving in the same direction as the universe. Thus, I prospered more and more.

"Eventually America will have to listen to me, and even though the President may not recognize me, this nation will eventually believe me. Even in daily life am I a success or failure? I do not take great pride in what I know, or manipulate people. I get out and set the example of how to live. But I will never try to compromise the Principle; whatever is the Principle way, I do. What makes me different from anyone in the world is my notion of subject and object. That is very serious and very strong. I follow the same direction God does. I have a clear view of the future of the world, and an objective to go toward, and I will never compromise that. I am all for bringing everything into unity. As long as someone is a son or daughter of God, he will come into unity centering on God.

"Why do you find yourself here in Unification Church? You don't eat delicious food here, and you can't sleep as much as you want; people don't even respect you. What do you have here anyway? Your purpose for being here is to be like a rock upon which God can rebuild the world. God is pounding on you to make you tempered steel. Do you know about the process of making Japanese swords? The metal is put in the fire and then beaten, again and again. That is what is happening to you year after year. Everyone who mistreats you helps in this process. In order for you to have great power you must have much give and take action, and being pounded on is part of that action."

The Messiah landed in America on the east coast in December 1971. He and his wife arrived without his children who stayed back in Korea. My wife lived with Rev. and Mrs. Moon in 1973 when they stayed in Omaha, Nebraska for a week during their Day of Hope tour. She saw Mrs. Moon crying on the phone as she talked to her small children who were in Korea.

America has lost its spirit. We need to revive the spirit of purity, hard work, high moral standards, prayer, courage, humility, sacrifice, and alertness to God directions and to Satan's constant attacks.

We should love God even more than the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims had a national vision; Unificationists have a world wide vision.


In a speech titled "Where and How Do You Want to Live Your Life?" (June 9,1996) Rev. Moon said, "Is any ideology superior to the teaching of Unificationism? [No.] Why do you say no? With Unificationism, people are able to liberate and perfect themselves; a man can become the king of the world and even liberate and perfect God Himself. That kind of power lies within the teachings of Unificationism. Until that ideal is fulfilled, the Unification Church will never perish.

"The American people are proud of the spirit and teaching of the Pilgrim Fathers, but their teaching and spirit was nothing compared to Unificationism. Do you regret having become Unificationists, or do you feel fortunate? [Fortunate.]"

Reverend Moon and his followers are working to build an ideal world. If you are not a follower of Sun Myung Moon I encourage you to study his teaching and then join his new Pilgrim movement that someday will grow from being a little mustard seed to the greatest movement in history.  God is calling you.  Can you hear?